Guilty as Sin

Guilty as Sin

Infobox Film
name = Guilty as Sin

image_size =
director = Sidney Lumet
producer = Martin Ransohoff
writer = Larry Cohen
starring = Don Johnson
Rebecca De Mornay
music = Howard Shore
cinematography = Andrzej Bartkowiak
editing = Evan A. Lottman
distributor = Buena Vista Pictures
released = June 41993
runtime = 107 min.
imdb_id = 0107057

"Guilty as Sin" is a 1993 film directed by Sidney Lumet. It stars Don Johnson and Rebecca De Mornay, and was produced by Hollywood Pictures.

A man accused of murdering his wife approaches a hotshot female criminal attorney to take his case. The man is a self-professed womaniser, and his alleged motive would be the large sum of money his wife left him. The attorney begins to have second thoughts about representing him when he starts making it look like they're having an affair and tells her things she can't reveal because of lawyer/client privilege, so she starts her own investigation of him, which threatens her career and the safety of her friends and herself.

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