Windowpane & The Snow

Windowpane & The Snow

Infobox Album |
Name = Windowpane & The Snow
Type = Compilation
Artist = Coil

Released = 1995
Genre = Experimental,
Acid House
Length = ?
Label = Threshold House LOCI CD 7
Producer = Coil
Reviews = |
Last album = "Unnatural History II"
" (1995)"
This album = "Windowpane & The Snow"
Next album = "Unnatural History III"

"Windowpane & The Snow" was a CD released by the band Coil. This release compiles the two EPs, Windowpane and The Snow. The original versions of the songs "Windowpane" and "The Snow" appear on the album Love's Secret Domain.

"The Snow (As Pure As?)" remix is credited to John Balance and Drew McDowall. "The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams I)" and "The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams II)" were remixed by Jack Dangers. "The Snow (Driftmix)" and "The Snow (Out In The Cold)" remixes are by Peter Christopherson.

Danny Hyde and Steven Thrower are also credited.

Track listing

# "Windowpane (Minimal Mix)" - 5:38
# "Windowpane" - 5:48
# "Windowpane (Astral Paddington Mix)" - 5:39
# "The Snow (Driftmix)" - 2:34
# "The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams I)" - 5:50
# "The Snow (Out In The Cold)" - 7:50
# "The Snow (As Pure As?)" - 6:42
# "The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams II)" - 5:56
# "The Snow" - 6:43


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