Garbage Pail Kids (TV series)

Garbage Pail Kids (TV series)

show_name = Garbage Pail Kids
format = Animation
producer = Bob Hathcock
starring = Tara Strong
Cree Summer
Noam Zylberman
Michael Fantini
Alyson Court
network =
runtime = 30 minutes
country =
num_episodes = 13
imdb_id = 0186747

"Garbage Pail Kids" is an American animated television series that was produced in 1987 and 1988, based on the popular Garbage Pail Kids bubble gum cards, produced and directed by Bob Hathcock and co-written and developed by Flint Dille.

The series stars the characters Split Kit, Elliot Mess, Terri Cloth, Patty Putty, and Clogged Duane as gross looking kids with abilities to help others. In the first two episodes, they have normal alter-egos, which transform into their "Garbage Pail" identities; later episodes show them exclusively in their Garbage Pail looks.

The show also features parodies of movies like the "Indiana Jones" series, "Superman", and "The Fly". It also has segments between stories, such as "Garbage Pail Groaners" (jokes) and "Would We Lie To You?" (facts).

Though an entire season was ordered and due to be aired by CBS, it was pulled a few days before its debut, and was replaced with an extra half hour of "Muppet Babies", which had been expanded to 90 minutes at the Garbage Pail Kids' expense. Despite never airing the United States, it did air in several other countries, including Spain, the United Kingdom, Iceland, Israel and the Philippines.

DVD release

Paramount Home Entertainment released Garbage Pail Kids: The Complete Series on DVD in Region 1 on April 4,2006.

Episode guide

Episode 1

* Open: Fun Busters Public Service Message
* Junkoid Zone Aliens
* Commercial: Friendly Al's Used Toy Store
* "Would We Lie To You?": Toothie Ruthie/Nat Nerd
* Batteries Not Included
* "Garbage Pail Award": The Biggest Bully Around

Episode 2

* Open: Squishy
* Pie Fight at the Okee Dokee Corral
* Commercial: Anti-Kissing Creme
* "Would We Lie To You?": Sherwood Forrest/Hand Turns Green
* Honest Abe Has A Close Shave
* Wanted: The Cheater

Episode 3

* Open: Sturgeon General Warning
* Idaho Spud and the Temple of Trash
* Commercial: Automatic Tattler
* Groaner: "Cows Can't Talk"
* Justin Cleans Up
* Wanted: Ivana Yakker

Episode 4

* Open: Cute Cartoon Characters Union's Protest
* Oops! The Disaster Movie
* Commercial: Clean Plate
* Groaner: Eating the Whole Cake Will Make You Explode
* The House That Dripped Crud
* Wanted: The Borrower

Episode 5

* Open: Little Brother
* Savage Stuart the Barbarian
* Commercial: Homework Machine
* Groaner: World's Most Powerful Glue
* Green Dean Goes Out Of His Bean
* Garbage Pail Award: Carly Cuts

Episode 6

* Open: Mice Like It Too
* R.A.L.F.
* Commercial: Bully Kicker
* Groaner: 3000 year old Mummy
* Elliot Messed Up
* Wanted: The Party Pooper

Episode 7

* Open: Aliens Make Contact
* Supernerd
* Commercial: Sister Alarm
* Groaner: Fish in the Bathtub
* Mona Loser
* Garbage Pail Award: The Babysitter

Episode 8

* Open: Do Not Adjust Your TV
* Kinky Kong
* Commercial: Volume Control for Noisy Brothers
* Groaner: 3 minute Eggs
* Chris Messin' August
* Wanted: The Bathroom Hog

Episode 9

* Open: Couch Potatoes
* Goldthumb
* Commercial: Fake School Bell
* Groaner: Good-for-Nothing Dog
* An Egg-citing Adventure
* Wanted: Teacher's Pet

Episode 10

* Open: Simon Says
* The Unmentionables
* Commercial: Fake Rubber Blow-Up Kid
* Groaner: Red-Handed
* Heartless Hal
* Garbage Pail Award: The Neighborhood Grouch

Episode 11

* Open: Garbage Pail "Kiss"
* The Pink Cat's Eye
* Commercial: Cootie Detector
* Groaner: You're Not Buying That
* A Rhyme In Time
* Garbage Pail Award: Mother of the Year

Episode 12

* Open: The Family Dog
* Shirley Dimples
* Commercial: Bird Brain
* Groaner: Man in the Soup
* The Land of Odd
* Wanted: Nosy Neighbors

Episode 13

* Open: Kid's Drawing
* The Fry
* Commercial: Have a Nice Meal
* Groaner: Mother Knows Best
* A Fishy Story
* Garbage Pail Award: Father of the Year


plit Kit

Voiced by Noam Zylberman. He is a half-good, half-bad person who acts fearless and tough. On his right side, he wears a yellow jacket, blue and white striped shirt, blue jeans and a tennis shoe. On his left side he has marks all over his face and has a red eye, has green and red dyed hair, wears a leather jacket with a red skull patch on his arm, a spiked wristband, a torn pair of black jeans and black boot with spikes on the bottom.

- He's pretty rotten (Mentioned in Chris Messin' August)

- Likes pizza with extra anchovies (Mentioned in Mona Loser)

- Good side likes vanilla shakes and bad side likes root beer (Mentioned in Justin Cleans Up)

- Always wants to be aggressive "I say we attack", "I say we rip the painting up and pull Patty and Terri out of there" (Mentioned in Justin Cleans Up, Mona Loser)

- His bad side is always wanted to do something risky or scary (Mentioned in The House That Dripped Crud)

- Wears blue pajamas with yellow squares on one side and skulls on the other side (Mentioned in Chris Messin August)

- Talks kind of punk like, "Fear not, Terri baby! I'll save us" "Now let's get you back home, Abe baby!" (Mentioned in Batteries Not Included and Honest Abe Has A Close Shave)

Elliot Mess

Voiced by Michael Fantini. Elliot is a boy whose body parts are all mixed up. His foot is where his head should be, his other foot is where his right hand should be, his right hand is where his right leg should be and he uses his left hand(the only part in the right place) to carry his detachable head. He wears a red and yellow baseball cap on his top foot, wears a watch on his right hand, has a pegged leg where his left leg should be, wears a white T-shirt with a red ringer (on the card it reads "Rejected by #216"), and blue shorts.

- In the first four episodes he scrambles his words

"Warn them somehow got to We've!" (We've got to warn them somehow, mentioned in Batteries Not Included)

"Easy take it!" (Take it easy!, mentioned in Justin Cleans Up)

"We help your need!" (We need your help!, mentioned in Honest Abe Has A Close Shave)

"Outta get let's here!" (Let's get outta here!, mentioned in The House That Dripped Crud)

"Quick light the place on fire!" (Light the fireplace!, mentioned in The House That Dripped Crud)

"Monsters! Yipes more! (Yipes! More monsters!, mentioned in The House That Dripped Crud)

- Makes A's and B's in school except in English where he has a D+ (Mentioned in Elliot Messed Up)

- Has a crush on Terri Cloth (Mentioned in Heartless Hal)

- Can use his head as a projectile (Mentioned in Honest Abe Has a Close Shave)

- He can also scramble his body parts around

- In the "Oops! The Disaster Movie" episode, Elliot makes a cameo appearance during the Gigantic scene.

Terri Cloth

Voiced by Alyson Court. Terri is a girl with red hair and wears a green dress. She has her face on her left hand. (Terri Cloth is a combination of the cards "Terri Cloth" and "Jan Hand").

- Terri can draw anyone's face on her face to fool someone.

- In the "Honest Abe" episode, during the Jonessonian Institute scene, we see that Terri's face in on a rag (similar to the card she is from), instead of her hand.

- Alyson Court did not voice Terri in the first episode.

- Terri Cloth made a cameo appearance in the episode "Elliot Messed Up"

Patty Putty

Voiced by Tara Strong. Patty is a girl who can use her body to flex into any shape or form she wants, similar to Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four. She has blonde curly hair, wears a green jacket with a light purple shirt, purple shorts and shoes. In the animated series Patty is a young girl, in the bubble gum cards she's only a baby.

- Can change into animals (Mentioned in An Egg-citing Adventure)

- Can turn into a boat and a ladder (Mentioned in Mona Loser)

- Has a crush on Split Kit (Mentioned in Heartless Hal)

- Likes nursery rhymes (Mentioned in A Rhyme In Time)

Clogged Duane

Voiced by Cree Summer. Duane is a boy who can transform himself into complete liquid. In the cards, he's a boy stuck in a bath tub drain. He's a combination of the cards "Clogged Duane and "Gooey Louy" and he has his hi-top fade.

- His dad works at the zoo (Mentioned in An Egg-citing adventure)

- He's a prankster and likes to scare the others, mostly Terri Cloth (Mentioned in The House that Dripped Crud)

- Can enter through pipes

- When underwater he can turn into oil. (Mentioned in A Fishy Story)

- Doesn't like love or other mushy stuff (The same with Split Kit and Elliot Mess) (Mentioned in Heartless Hal)


Other Garbage Pail Kids include Trash Can Ken, their official leader; Michelle Muck, Ken's right-hand assistant; and Rustin' Justin, an old car.


* Tara Strong - Patty Putty (ep 1-13), Still Jill (ep 3), Carly Cuts (ep 5)
* Cree Summer - Clogged Duane (ep 1-13), Trashed Tracy (ep 1), Squishy (ep 2), Plain Jane (ep 3), Heartless Hal (ep 10),
* Noam Zylberman - Split Kit (ep 1-13), Idaho Spud (ep 3), The Sturgeon General (ep 3)
* Michael Fantini - Elliot Mess (ep 1-13), Clint Hardwood (ep 2), Colonel Corn (ep 3)
* Alyson Court- Terri Cloth (episode 2-5, 7-13), Belle Button (ep 2), Lois Lamebrain (ep 7), Fay Hooray (ep 8)
* Len Carlson- Announcer (ep 1-13), Dan Rattle (ep 1 and 4)

Other voices
* Philip Akin (ep 9-10)
* Marion Bennett (ep 5)
* Bonnie Brooks (ep 5, 7, 9-10, 12-13)
* Randall Carpenter (ep 1, 3-4, 7-13)
* Lisa Coristine (ep 13)
* Rob Cowan (ep 10)
* Jeri Craden(ep 6)
* Dorian Davis (ep 5, 11, 13)
* Victor Erdoz (ep 10, 12)
* Don Francks (ep 1-5, 7-10, 12-13)
* Paulina Gillis (ep 13)
* Marvin Goldhar (ep 1-4, 7-13)
* Dan Hennessey (ep 6)
* Ellen-Ray Hennessy (ep 1-5, 7-8)
* Hadley Kay (ep 7-8, 12)
* Michael Lamport (ep 9)
* Peggy Mahon (ep 12)
* Karn Malick-Sanchez (ep 4, 10-12)
* Gordon Masten (ep 2, 5)
* Jeremiah McCann (ep 5-9, 12)
* Stephen McMulkin (ep 2-4, 6-10, 12)
* Greg Morton (ep 5, 7-8, 11)
* Kristina Nichol (ep 1)
* Jeff Pustil (ep 1-2, 4, 6)
* Sean Roberge (ep 6)
* Susan Roman (ep 4-5, 7-8, 10-12)
* Joe Roncetti (ep 4, 8-12)
* Linda Sorenson (ep 5-8)
* John Stocker (ep 6, 13)
* Greg Swanson (ep 5-12)
* Andrea Swartz (ep 7-9, 11)
* Sunny Besen Thrasher (ep 2-4, 7-13)
* Louise Vallance (ep 1)
* Nerene Virgin (ep 6, 9-10)
* Phillip Williams (ep 6, 11)


*Executive Producer: Peter Aries Jr.
*Producer/Director: Bob Hathcock
*Segment Director: Jeff Hall
*Writers: Gordon Kent, Rowby Goren, Flint Dille, Buzz Dixon, Michael Charles Hill, Linda Woolverton, John Pound
*Story Editors: Gordon Kent, Flint Dille, Buzz Dixon
*Developed for Television by: Flint Dille
*Associate Producer: Liza-Ann Warren
*Production Executive: Michelle L. Sucillon
*Storyboard Design: Ric Estrada, Dan Riba, Ron Campbell, Frank Paur, Paul Gruwell, Barry Caldwell, Neal Sternecky, Ken Harsha, Robert Lamb, Cullen Blaine, Kevin Sharkey, Bob Hathcock, Hank Tucker, David Smith, Alan Gibson, Dell Barras, Robert E. Steele Jr., Marcus Williams, Larry Houston, David Pryor, Jim Willoughby, Kurt Anderson, Bill Dubay, Brian Hogan, Rick Hoberg, Gordon Harrison
*Storyboard Supervisor: John Dorman
*Storyboard Cleanup: Kong Hwa Yueng, Coal Jinz Wonx, Chank Lee Cwing, Fang Perk Twongg, Choi Ted Jhing, Chen Jieh Ren, Fung Yuk Sung
*Model Design: Davis Doi
*Models: Paul Gruwell, Joan Igawa, Bonita Versh, Debra Jorgensborg, Adrienne Doi
*Animation Directors: Terry Harrison, Bob Shellhorn, Dale Case, Emory Ron Myrick, Richard Collado, Rick Leon, Margaret Nichols, Don Spencer
*Timing Directors: Carole Beers, Joan Drake, Ivan Ladizinsky, Bruce T. Jordan, Mircea Mantta, Trudy Kitchen, Harold McFarquith
*Art Coordinator: Karen Silva
*Character Design: Liz Chapman, John Fang, George Winslow
*Color Design: Erlene Cowan, Tim Biskup
*Layout Design: Paul Gruwell
*Background Design: Martin Forte, Ange Phillipson, Gary Eggleston, Andy Phillipson,
*Prop Design: Rob Laduca,
*Ink & Paint: Deborah Mooneyham, Carmen Sanderson, David Karp, Tracey Wakefield,
*Voice Director: Dev Ross
*Recording Director: Michael Hack
*Musical Director: Hoyt Curtin
*Music Supervision: Tom Worral
*Main Title Sequence: Gordon Kent, Paul Gruwell
*Main and End Title Music by: Tyrell Music Group
*Composed by: Ashley Hall & Stephanie Tyrell
*Vocals by: Ashley Hall & Steve Tyrell
*Music Editors: Thomas Harris, Brian F. Marrs
*Track Reading: Skip Craig
*Post Production Supervisor: Paul Vitello
*Post Production Administrator: Jamie Mitchell
*Post Production Services: Vitello & Associates
*Overseas Animation Supervisor: Bob Baxter
*Overseas Animation Coordinator: Doug Williams
*Garbage Pail Kids A Property Of: Topps Chewing Gum, Inc.
*Animation Production by: Wang Film Production Co., Ltd, Cuckoo's Nest Studios
*A CBS Entertainment Production
*© MCMLXXXVII CBS Inc. All Rights Reserved

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