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Name and its origin

"Adora" is a girl's name.

There are many languages that use this name:

English: Short for "adorable"

French: Means the "beloved"

Spanish: short for "Adoracion"

Latin: Means the "adored one" or "much adored"

Ibo (Nigerian): Derived from 'Adaora' which means "first daughter of the people"

People and characters with the name Adora

*Adora is the name of the popular 80s cartoon character also known as She-Ra.

*"Adora" is one of the characters in Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid.

*Adora is a character mentioned in Tin Man (TV miniseries).

*"Adora" is a character in the Magna Carta Video Game.


"Adora" is the title of a stereotypical romance novel by Beatrice Small


Adora (Apocrypha) is a town mentioned in the Apocrypha. According to the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia: "a'-dor, a-do'-ra (Adora): In Idumaea, mentioned in Ant, XIII, ix, 1 as one of the cities captured by Hyrcanus, and referred to in 1 Maccabees 13:20. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia: Hyrcanus "hired foreign troops, dismantled Adora and Marissa, the strong places of Edom, and forced the Edomites to accept the Jewish religion and submit to circumcision. This is the first instance of forcible conversion in Jewish history." [ (A)] It is thought to be present Dura, a village about five miles to the west of Hebron. Bible History online has a map of Israel during the first century AD that lists the city Adora []

Adora, Har Hebron is an Israeli settlement on the West Bank.


The French rock band Indochine have a song with that name in their album Alice et June.

Adora [] is a Finnish female rock duo.

Adora is also an American metalcore band. []

Adora is mentioned in Robin Strandlunds låtfan metaphoraium

Information Technology

ADORA is an approach to object-oriented modeling of software (ADORA stands for Analysis and Description of Requirements and Architecture).


ADORA (Atmospheric Dispersion of Reactive Agents) is an Environmental and Safety offsite Consequence Analysis tool available for use by organizations involved with environmental impact assessments for intentional or accidental discharge of hazardous chemicals that react with air, moisture or each other.

Adora is a potato bred by A.D. Mulder from (Primura x Alcmaria) in Enkhuizen (Netherlands).


*Adora chocolates is a company based in Sydney Australia.
*Adora is a brand of GE appliances that is exclusive to The Home Depot.
*Adora Inc is a company that creates the Adora Dolls, a line of collectable dolls
* Adora Belle is a line of collectable dolls created by doll artist and musician Marie Osmond
* Adora Diamond Jewellery is a Mumbai-based Concept Jewellery company in India
*Adora calcium supplements are chocolate calcium supplement created by Thompson Brand based in CT, USA

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