Seppo Telenius

Seppo Telenius

Seppo Sakari Telenius [Manuscripts and other material of Seppo Telenius are kept in the Literature Archives of the Finnish Literature Society (Helsinki, Finland).] (born on February 16, 1954, in Porvoo, Finland) is a Finnish writer and historian. He studied political history and social history at the University of Helsinki (Master of Social Sciences 1981, Licentiate in Social Sciences 1988). His varied body of works includes novels, short stories, poems, local history books as well as essays. In many writings Seppo Telenius deals with topics related to human beings' relationship with themselves and the world, borders between reality and illusion, and the problem of loving. He has admired persons like Mary Magdalene, James P. Cannon and Juliet Mitchell.

In December 2003 Seppo Telenius attended a course in astronomy at Helsinki University under the name of "The Universe Now", receiving his diploma with the note "very good". Galaxies and field armies symbolize important ideas, events, or themes in his novels and short stories. Telenius has assembled military knives and books about knives and guns. In 1994 he had offered as a present to the Sports Museum of Finland his pistol, used by him in sport shooting. The Sports Museum is located at the Olympic Stadium in the centre of Helsinki. Seppo Telenius' curriculum vitae is set out in the anthologies Athena-Artemis (Revised 2nd Edition, 2006) and "Poetry and other texts" (Revised 2nd Edition, 2007).

Seppo Telenius' most important work has been the novel Auringolla ratsastajat (Riders on the Sun). Jouni Inkala has written to Seppo Telenius:

"...I found irony and the further I found the further I went towards the end of the manuscript [Auringolla ratsastajat] also a great deal of grotesque. In fact, you seem to have control over quite a big arsenal of different sorts of parody and satire that enrich your story with just the right spices. You do have control over cultural historical code, terms and dealings in such an amount that in between also my own knowledge of the field was put to a tough test.

As especially delicate, I found those many parts in which you freely mix the conventions and events of myth and so-called reality. Many details I first regarded as superficial then suddenly became depth in a dazzling way. Around the story seemed to be born an almost terrifying amount of time-spatial dimension..." [The original Finnish critic (written by Jouni Inkala) on the novel manuscript is kept in the Literature Archives of the Finnish Literature Society (Helsinki, Finland). The critic Jouni Inkala has translated from Finnish into English by Joop Wassenaar. This text is included etc. in the anthology "Athena-Artemis".]


* "Naisten vapautusliike Yhdysvalloissa vuosina 1967-1975". Licentiate thesis/theses. University of Helsinki, 1988. SUBJECT: The women's liberation movement in the United States of America during the years 1967-1975.
* Auringolla ratsastajat (Riders on the Sun), "a novel". Goddess Artemis Ltd., 1995 and 1996.
* "Viasvesi". Goddess Artemis Ltd., 1998. SUBJECT: Chronicle of Viasvesi (which has been since 1967 a part of Pori).
* "Korseletti" (Corselette), "a compilation of poetry and short stories". Goddess Artemis Ltd., 2000.
* "Kartanokulttuurin jäänteillä". Goddess Artemis Ltd., 2001.
* "Hyvelä: Kalavesistä viljapeltoihin". [Pori] : Hyvelän kiinteistöyhdistys, [2005] . SUBJECT: History of Hyvelä (which has been since 1941 a part of Pori).
* Athena-Artemis: Goddesses Artemis and Athene (Athena), "Auringolla ratsastajat (Riders on the Sun), and "Valtiatar Artemis" (Mistress Artemis)". [Helsinki] : Kirja kerrallaan, 2005 and 2006. [ Auringolla ratsastajat (Riders on the Sun) and "Valtiatar Artemis" (Mistress Artemis) are included in the anthology Athena-Artemis. The short story "Valtiatar Artemis" was written in 2003. ]
* "Poetry and other texts". [Helsinki] : Kirja kerrallaan, 2005 and 2007.

ee also

* Risto Heiskala, Iitu Inkilä, Seppo Telenius: "Kodin ja päiväkodin yhteistyö ja kasvatusvastuun jakaminen". [Järvenpää] : Järvenpään kaupunki, 1982.

* Seppo Sakari Telenius and Mary Vol (eds.): "Reflections". Goddess Artemis Ltd., 2002.

* Kartano "Lotinanpellosta" esikaupunkialueeksi. Written by Seppo Telenius. [Pori] : Kartanon pienkiinteistönomistajat, 2003. SUBJECT: Chronicle of Kartano (which has been since 1941 a part of Pori).


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