Process of Decay

Process of Decay

Infobox Album |
Name = Process Of Decay
Type = studio
Artist = Desecration

Released = 2005
Recorded =
Genre = Death metal Black metal
Length =
Label = Copro Records
Producer = Desecration
Reviews =
Last album = "Raping the Corpse"
This album = "Process Of Decay"
Next album =

"Process of Decay" is a concept album by death metal band Desecration. The album portrays the complete decomposition of a corpse from the time of death through to when it is buried.

Track listing

#"When The Heart Stops Beating..."
#"Initial Decay"
#"Bacterial Breakdown"
#"Black Putrefaction"
#"Butyric Fermentation"
#"Maggots In Evidence"
#"Corpse Fauna"
#"Dry Rot"
#"Grave Wax"


Process of Decay received a rating of 2.8/5 at [ Metal Ireland]

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