PZT-based compounds

PZT-based compounds

PZT-based compounds (Pb [ZrxTi1-x] O3 where 0lead zirconium titanate) are ceramic perovskite materials that develop a piezoelectric effect, a voltage difference across two of its facets when highly compressed.


PZT-based compounds are composed of the chemical elements lead and zirconium and the chemical compound titanate which are combined under extremely high temperatures. A mechanical filter is then used to filter out the particulates.


PZT-based compounds are primarily used in the manufacturing of ultrasound transducers. A secondary use is in the manufacturing of ceramic capacitors and chips.

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Lead zirconium titanate

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* [http://www.efunda.com/materials/piezo/material_data/matdata_output.cfm?Material_ID=PZT-5A PZT Material properties]

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