Homeland Security (film)

Homeland Security (film)

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name = Homeland Security

caption = "Homeland Security" title screen
format = Drama
runtime = 98 minutes (approx.)
creator =
director = Daniel Sackheim
producer = Ron Binkowski
Clayton Townsend
writer = Christopher Crowe
starring = Scott Glenn
Tom Skerritt
Grant Snow
Marisol Nichols
Kal Penn
Ross Gibby
Leland Orser
music = Scott Gilman
country = United States
language = English
network = NBC
released = April 11 2004
website =
imdb_id = 0363685
tv_com_id =
amg_id = 326007

Homeland Security was a 2004 made-for-TV movie, which was intended as a pilot for a series which never materialized.


Admiral McKee (Tom Skerritt) is retired, when following the events of 9/11 he receives a call from the White House informing him that his commander in chief requires him to serve his country once again. Shortly after this he is sworn into office as a senior member of the Office of Homeland Security under Tom Ridge. Once in office Admiral McKee faces the challenge of organising this new office so as to prevent further terrorist attacks against the United States. With this in mind Admiral McKee's wife, Elise Mckee, recommends he speaks to his friend, NSA Agent Sol Binder.

Following a meeting with Sol Binder, Mckee recruits him into the Office of Homeland Security. After which Binder comes up with a plan for the new agency, all law enforcement agencies within the United States will have to put their rivalry aside and funnel all intelligence into the Office of Homeland Security. We first meet Agent Binder at the beginning of the film prior to the events of 9/11, where he is meeting with a group of NSA Agents with intelligence on a planned terrorist attack that is to take place in the United States where the number Nine and Eleven keep popping up, it is not until the day of the attacks that Binder was able to piece it together. It is Binder's belief that had there been a co-operative organisation such as the Office of Homeland Security the attacks could have been averted

While the main concern of the film is the establishment of the Office of Homeland Security, which following Congress' approval would become the Department of Homeland Security, there are a number of subplots involved in the film. Such sub plots are, The invasion of Afghanistan, use of precision-guided air strikes with weapons such as GPS-guided JDAMs, the pursuit of Osama Bin Laden and the destruction of Al'Qaeda training camps in the middle east, as well as in the beginning of the film Admiral Mckees' Daughter, Melissa, is due to leave New Jersey for San Francisco on September 11 2001, she was due to board United Airlines Flight 93, following hearing an announcement on the news that United Airlines Flight 93 was hijacked and has gone down over Pennsylvania, the Admiral and his wife were distraught, shortly there after she contacted her parents and was upset and told them she was late and fortunately had missed her flight.

That is not all Melissa saw that day. After the Pentagon was attacked, military command had received the executive order to investigate various aircraft that were off course, including Melissa's later flight, and to shoot down any that failed to comply with visual command. In a fictional engagement, three military jets engage the airliner, setting off the near collision alarm, one positioning itself in front of the airliner, another to the left. The nervous jet pilot behind the airliner nearly shoots it down before the airliner pilots comply with visual command and respond. The jet pilot is ordered to stand down, take a deep breath, and escort the airliner to O'Hare Airport in Chicago, where Melissa first vigorously demands to know if they had almost been shot down. From a pay phone, Melissa called her parents and her boyfriend. Melissa demands from her mother, "Who is doing this to us?"


The film was poorly received and was cancelled even before it started as a TV show. As one review said "And don't be fooled by names like Tom Skerritt and Scott Glenn; Homeland Security is a bland and fairly tasteless bullet-point history lesson on how the 9/11 attacks happened, how a bunch of generic TV characters deal with it, and how many soaring musical strains can be employed while the rah-rah chest-thumping speechifying goes on in front of a flapping American flag." (DVDtalk.com)

Cast & Crew

Main Cast

*Scott Glenn as Joe Johnson
*Tom Skerritt as Admiral McKee
*Grant Show as Bradley Brand
*Marisol Nichols as Jane Fulbar
*Kal Penn as Harrison
*Ross Gibby as Frank Heinhoff
*Leland Orser as Sol Binder
*Stephi Lineburg as Melissa McKee
*Beth Broderick as Elise McKee
*Nicholas Guilak as Saif Khan
*Glenn Morshower as General Eaton
*Al Faris as Dr. Adel
*Christopher Maher as Hamid Karzai
*Vahe Bejan as Brushenko
*Alex Dodd as Achmed
*Sayed Badreya as Jamaitja
*Reynaldo Rosales as Tom

Production Crew

*Christopher Crowe - Executive Producer
*Kerry McCluggage - Executive Producer
*Daniel Sackheim - Co-Executive Producer

DVD Releases

ee also

*September 11, 2001 attacks
*Flight 93 (TV film)
*United 93 (film)
*World Trade Center (film)

External links

* [http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0363685/ Homeland Security] at the Internet Movie Database.

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