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Aoa are fictive creatures in the "Dungeons & Dragons" setting. These outsiders are born from the friction caused as a result of the rare occurrences when the Negative Energy Plane and Positive Energy Plane graze each other.

Aoa naturally reflect most attacks and spells. Since aoa reflect energy, scholars theorize that they may be a neutral counterpart to energons, such as the positive-energy xag-yas and negative-energy xeg-yis, which produce energy. Aoa can also release a pulse about three times per day that reflects magical energy back onto itself, which may destroy magical auras and shatter magic items.

Aoa are can be found floating around the Astral and Ethereal Planes, always seeking out large quantities of magic. They are most common at the borders of two or more planes where conflicting energies create magical maelstroms.

Aoa normally move slowly through the air, bobbing lazily. When they sense magic, they become excited or agitated and rush towards its source. When around spellcasting, an aoa will fly crazily around and try to intercept magical blasts and touch magical items. Aoa are sometimes summoned and used as guardians, kept content by low amounts of magic. Aoa do not appear to be very sentient; they do not speak nor seem to understand any languages.

A full-sized aoa is called a sphere. Smaller aoa called droplets split off from a sphere when it reflects a large amount of magical energy. Eventually, a droplet will grow to become a full-sized sphere.

Physical description

Aoa resemble huge blobs of quicksilver that float above the surface of whatever environment they may be found. Their surface is like a mirror and reflects all light. Aoa are surrounded by tiny orbs that randomly separate from the sphere and reabsorb back into it.


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