Operator (disambiguation)

Operator (disambiguation)

Operator can mean:

* Operator, a type of mathematical function
* Operator (biology), a segment of DNA regulating the activity of genes
* Operator (extension), an extension for the Firefox web browser, for reading microformats
* Operator (IRC), a communication moderator in Internet Relay Chat
* Operator (linguistics), a special category including wh- interrogatives
* Operator, management of a company, including an owner-operator
* Operator (physics), mathematical operators in quantum physics
* Operator (programming), a type of computer program function
* Operator (profession), a description of profession, as in accelerator operator, telephone operator, radio operator, computer operator, crane operator, surgeon, psychotherapist
* Operator (military), a soldier in a special operations force who holds the official (or unofficial) title of 'operator'
* Operator (band), a hard rock band
* Operator (Ghost in the Shell) a group of gynoids in the "Ghost in the Shell" series
* In "The Matrix Trilogy", the Operator on a Zion hovercraft is the online guide and resource crewmember for other crewmembers while they are jacked in (connected) to the Matrix, and while the other crew members are jacked in to the Matrix, the operator helps them by doing such things as looking for "exits"
*"Operator", a song by The Grateful Dead from their 1970 album "American Beauty"
*"Operator (That's Not the Way It Feels)," a song by Jim Croce from his 1972 album "You Don't Mess Around With Jim"
*"Operator", a song by The Manhattan Transfer from their 1975 album "The Manhattan Transfer"
* OperaTor, an Opera (web browser) intregrated with Tor (anonymity network) and Privoxy
*Network operator, a phone carrier

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