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Genre = Punk rock
Years_active = 1987-present
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Current_members = Skoda Dydas Pauluss Jeż Billy
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Włochaty is a Polish punk rock band playing since 1987. The band comes from Szczecin and is one of the main anarcho punk representatives in country. Włochaty is highly criticised by most street punks for its radical left oriented lyrics.



*Skoda - guitar
*Dydas - guitar
*Pauluss - vocals
*Jeż - bass guitar, vocals
*Billy - drums


*Florens - guitar, vocals (2004)
*Graba - guitar, vocals (2002-2003)
*Kieras - guitar (2000-2001)
*Filip - guitar (1997-2000)
*Anka - sax, vocals (1994-1997)
*Roberto - guitar (1997)
*Fagas - guitar (1987-1997)


* "For Sale" 1991 (re-released in 1994)
* "Live" 1993
* "Włochaty" EP - 1993, MC - 1994, LP - 1995
* "Bank Światowy" 1996
* "Wojna Przeciwko Ziemi" 1996
* "Droga Oporu" 1999
* "Zamiana Pieniędzy na Rebelię" 2000
* "Zmowa" 2000
* "Tryumf Anarchii nad Tyranią" 2002
* "Dzień Gniewu" 2004
* "Bunt i Miłość" 2005


The first concert took place in 1987 in Szczecin. At that time the band was playing under "Włochaty Odkurzacz"ref|name name. The name was changed in 1990. The same year Pauluss joined the band and the group tried to appear on Jarocin festival, but without a success. The situation repeadted until 1993, when Włochaty finally managed to appear on the festival. Meanwhile the first material ("For Sale") appeared. The material was released by the band itself in the amount of 100 items.

In March 1994 "Włochaty" album was released by Silverton and "For Sale" album is released by ABC Tapes. "Włochaty" material was re-released as LP in 1995. The same year band played two weeks tour in Germany together with Oi! Polloi.

New EP "Wojna Przeciwko Ziemi" was released in 1996. Years 1997 brought some personnel changes. Fagasref|Fagas and Anka left the band and Filip joined it. New albums appeared in 1999 ("Droga Oporu") and 2000 ("Zamiana Pieniędzy na Rebelię", "Zmowa").

In 2001 Billy had his leg amputaded as a result of seroious injury he suffered few years ago. After one year break in operation the band returned with "Tryumf Anarchii nad Tyranią" album together with the first professional clip. In 2003 the band went on the tour in France. One year later "Dzień Gniewu" album was released. In autumn 2005 new album. "Bunt i Miłość" has been released.


The name "Włochaty Odkurzacz" means "The Hairy Vacuum Cleaner", whilst "Włochaty" means simply "The Hairy One" or "Shaggy".

Fagas was in fact the founder of the band.


* [http://www.wlochaty.most.org.pl/title.html Band's official site] URL accessed at 30 August 2006

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* [http://www.wlochaty.most.org.pl/angielskie/titleeng.htm Band's official site (english version)]

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