Astral Drop

Astral Drop

Astral drops are a fictional power in the "W.I.T.C.H." comics and animated series.

The Drops are solid psychic copies of each of the Guardians, possessing some of their knowledge, and are most often used so that the absence of W.I.T.C.H. is not noticed by their parents and teachers when they go on missions.

In the television series the Astral Drops are created by the Heart of Kandrakar. If any member of W.I.T.C.H. holds the Heart and says the words "spord lartsa" ("Astral Drops" backwards) a psychic duplicate of them will appear. The copies however, are very unintelligent, feel no emotions, and have none of the original version's memories.

The duplicate disappear at the member's will, or when they say "Astral Drop".

In the comics the Astral Drops are created by the girls themselves. When they have done their job, the girls merge with them. But the Astral Drops don't really disappear after that. They find themselves in a dark void.

During the latter part of the third arc of the W.I.T.C.H. comics, the Astral Drops rebel against the girls, and they are forced to let them go away and have their own lives.

Also in the Animated series, one episode was focused directly on the concept of Astral Drops, mainly Will Vandom's. In the episode "H is for Hunted," Will creates and Astral Drop to do her chores for her, but the evil sorceress Nerissa upgrades it into an Altermere, which gives it a soul of its own, as well as all of Will's feelings and emotions. The Altermere lives Will's life for a short time and grows attached to it. Unfortunately, Will still thinks its a dull Astral Drop, and hunts it down to reabsorb it into the Heart, thinking it won't care. She and the other guardians corner her at the school football field. Will insults her by saying she has no emotions and doesn't feel anything, which makes her cry and attack Will out of fear of being destroyed. After the Altermere is subdued, Will finally realizes that she is alive, and releases her. The Altermere forgives Will, and they share a touching moment, but this ends when Nerissa fires a lightning blast at the two of them. The Altermere takes the blast to defend Will, but is fatally injured and begins to disappear. Will is forced to absorb her Altermere into herself so that her memories, emotions, and feelings can live on in her.

That, However, is only in the T.V. series. The Astral Drops do play a major role in the comic series as well, especially in Band 11 of the German language comic book series. (Will's seems the most active all the time).

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