Father Ewan Remington

Father Ewan Remington

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series = Chrono Crusade

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creator = Daisuke Moriyama
voiced by = Sho Hayami (Japanese)
Jason Douglas (English)
age = Unknown, possibly 27
divider = yes
aux1 name = Affiliation
aux1 = Order of Magdalene

Father Ewan Remington is a fictional character from the Chrono Crusade anime and manga series. As first-class militia, field agent, and Sister Kate’s second in command, he has influential power within the Magdalene Order. It is revealed later on that he is formally an angel, who chooses to become human.

Early life

Most of his early life remains a mystery. However, it is known that Father Remington served as a protector to Mary Magdalene. When Chrono came to kidnap Magdalene, Remington tried to stop Chrono but to no avail. He does not reappear until later on in the series.


50 years has passed and Remington became Sister Kate’s second in command. He was then dispatched to the Seventh Bell Orphanage to pick up a child of interest, Joshua Christopher. While he was persuading Joshua to make a decision, he spent time with the other children as well. Joshua, being an apostle, was offered by Remington a place of safety within the Order. However, this idea was rejected by Joshua’s sister, Rosette Christopher in which she grew a dislike for him. Remington later appeared when Joshua started to turn the surrounding area into stone. When Remington arrived at the scene, moments later, Rosette and Chrono were the only ones remaining. Remington then took the pair to the Magdalene Order, where he acted as a surrogate father for Rosette and Chrono. Within four years, on top of his loyalty and service towards the Order, Remington was an instrumental part in the coordinating operations to reseal the Seal of the Seven Wings in Central Park. He was also a hostage and held by Rizal at the Central train station and helped Rosette gain her militia rank.


When Aion performed the Ritual of Atonement, all of San Francisco was in danger. Back at the New York branch, the Elders, Sister Kate and Edward Hamilton were talking about the situation via phone connected to Minister Gilliam. At the news of the situation, Remington disappeared when Sister Kate requested his advice.When the Ritual of Atonement was completed, the Sinners prepared to kill the entire remaining apostle. Just as Genai was about to kill Azmaria, Remington arrived to intervene. As Chrono and Joshua fought, Remington fought Shader to keep her at bay. Remington defeated Shader just as Aion escaped with Rosette and left a petrified Chrono. Sister Kate got in touch with Remington after the battle. There he revealed that he was an exiled angel, who became human to his own choosing. "I am A Sinner", he states, after he severs ties with God, declaring "I have no regrets about my torn wings". Days later, Remington arrives moments after Aion and Rosette were bargaining with Chrono. As he searches through the rubble, he finds Chrono. Pulling him up, he demands the whereabouts of Rosette in which Chrono silently burst in tears. The Elder arrives and tells Remington about the situation between the citizens and the Order. Later, Remington interrogates a man who had self-inflicted marks in the form of stigmata. Into further into the interrogation, the man reveals Aion’s plans in the cover of the holy woman. Eventually, Remington arrives at the aftermath of the battle between Chrono and Aion. The only remains were that of Rosette’s gun.

Years Later

Remington roams Rome and eventually ends up at St. Peter’s Basilica. He talks to a statue in which a person bumps into him knocking him down. As he gets up, he sees to his horror Aion, walking towards the Basilica. Remington is speechless as a gunshot is heard ringing.


A first-class militia and a very influential member of the Magdalene Order. His age appearance is of a man of 27, but he's certainly older than what he looks. Remington was the one who took Rosette and Chrono to the Magdalene convent in NY and took the role of their protector, constantly keeping a close eye on them. He likes to flirt and is very popular with all the girls at the Magdalene Order, especially Rosette, who has a small crush on him, though he doesn't see her as anything but a surrogate daughter. He is a very powerful fighter, but he is very mysterious and hides many secrets. He seems to have been in love with Magdalene, and still remembers her fondly. He is determined to keep fighting his enemies until the day he dies, no matter what the consequences to him be.

Difference in Manga

Unlike in the anime, in the manga, Father Ewan Remington is actually a normal human, who had his body enhanced with legions (demon cells) to fighting demons. He's also the one who assigned to assassinate Chrono after the destruction of San Francisco, and in doing so, taught Chrono how to utilizing his power effectively without losing to his rage.

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