Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center (LNAC) is a venue and gallery located in St. Louis, Missouri, in the historic Lemp Neighborhood of the Benton Park South area.


As a non-profit project, Lemp donates a majority of the money to the musical performers. Its primary audience is the community's youth, particularly anyone involved in artistic endeavors. While the all-ages venue frequently hosts small concerts, the performers (chosen by the Board of Directors running the establishment) are frequently non-commercial or little-known. The walls are lined with exhibits of visual artwork, often with themes of encouraging a social consciousness.

While the Lemp's main premise on limitations for performers state they do not promote "violent or reckless behavior or through a discriminatory, lewd, degrading or immoral message". At all concerts there is no drinking and no smoking inside the venue. There is a tendency towards inviting experimental music acts, particularly ones classifiable as noise rock, noise pop, art rock, or noise music. Recently there has been a shift to having more punk rock bands playing at Lemp. Lemp also hosts a three day festival "to make an attempt to link mid-west experimental performers whose work could be associated with noise" called NoisefeSTL.

Less publicized are the meetings held by the Lemp Neighborhood Association.

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