Posthumous (EP)

Posthumous (EP)

Infobox Album
Name = Posthumous (EP)
Type = EP
Artist = The Banner

Released = June 15 2003
Recorded = ???
Genre = Hardcore punk
Length = 16:11
Label = Blackout Records
Producer = ???
Reviews = *Allmusic Rating|3|5 [ link]
Last album = ---
This album = "Posthumous (EP)"
Next album = "Your Murder Mixtape"
(2003) |

"Posthumous" is a five track EP from the American hardcore punk/metalcore band, The Banner. As a result of a popular demo tape, the band won a contract with local New Jersey punk specialist label, Blackout Records. The EP was the first of two recordings the band made for them before leaving for Ferret Music. It was released in June, 2003.


Debate continues over what genre this band fits into and this EP was probably where it all started. The opening track, "Outgunned", has metal qualities – including Slayer-like riff flourishes, but the vocal style throughout is undeniably hardcore punk.

"Rattlesnakes", "The Screaming", and "Marked For Life", on the other hand are more in the straightforward hardcore punk mould, especially influenced by the New York hardcore sub-genre. Fast-paced songs with trademark refrains – commonly referred to as breakdowns. While "The Screaming" does contain a small amount of metal influence, "Marked For Life" is probably more comparable to an early Black Flag track. The EP's closing track, "Trial By Fire", brings all these influences together to form a song which is, in the early part, quite technical metal. It has a mellow, Bane-like interlude in the middle which then breaks out into a typical hardcore punk, complete with background gang chants.

Track listing

*All songs written by The Banner
#"Outgunned" – 4:28
#"Rattlesnakes" – 2:27
#"The Screaming" – 2:46
#"Marked For Life" – 2:28
#"Trial By Fire" – 4:01


* Joey – vocals
* Garrett – guitar
* Chris – guitar
* Fingerz – bass
* Ian – drums

External links

* [ The Banner Official Website (Archive)] 2003-08-04 "( [ original website] now the subject of domain parking)
* [ Blackout Records band page (Archive)] 2006-10-15 "( [ original link] now redirects to Blackout Records blog)
* [ Ferret Music band page]

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