Roar may refer to :

*Roar, a sound produced by certain animals, especially fierce ones like tigers and lions.
* "Roar", the King's College London student newspaper
*Queensland Roar FC, an Australian football club
*Roar (film) a film set in Africa and produced by Tippi Hedren
*Roar (television series), a short-lived television drama set in 4th century Ireland
*Roar (BBC television series), a CBBC television series about the animals in a zoo
*Rrröööaaarrr, second album of Canadian progressive metal band Voivod


*"Roar", a Norwegian form of the name Roger
*Roar (dubious Danish king), a dubious future king of Denmark

Roller coasters

*Roar (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom), located at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California
*Roar (Six Flags America) in Prince George's County, Maryland
*Roar (Six Flags Marine World) in Solano County, California


The acronym ROAR may refer to:
*Radio Operated Auto Racing, the sanctioning body of competitive radio controlled car racing in the United States and Canada
*Registry of Open Access Repositories, a search engine for open access digital repositories
*Restore Our Alienated Rights, a Boston organization formed around 1974 to oppose desegregation busing
*Restore Our Associational Rights, an organization dedicated to preserving the rights of college students to associate in clubs and Greek Letter organizations such as sororities and fraternities
*Rise Organise and Rebuild Guyana Movement, a small political party based in Guyana, South America
*Right of Admission Reserved, used on tickets and posters to show that the event organiser has the final say on entrance, regardless of whether or not you have a ticket and ID

ee also

*Curling, also known as "the roaring game"

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