Anastacia (album)

Anastacia (album)

Infobox Album |
Name = Anastacia
Type = Studio album
Artist = Anastacia

Released = flagicon|Europe March 29, 2004
flagicon|United States August 30, 2005 Cancelled
Recorded = 2003-2004
Genre = Pop/Rock/Soul Rock
Length = 48:39
Label = Epic Records
Producer = Anastacia (executive)

Dallas Austin,
Glen Ballard,
Richie Jones,
Patrick Leonard,
John Shanks,
Dave Stewart,
Rick Wake
Reviews = *Allmusic Rating|4.5|5 [ link]
Last album = "Freak of Nature"

This album = "Anastacia"
Next album = "Pieces of a Dream"
Name = Anastacia
Type = Studio album
single 1 = Left Outside Alone
single 1 date = March 15, 2004
single 2 = Sick and Tired
single 2 date = July 19, 2004
single 3 = Welcome to My Truth
single 3 date = November 8, 2004
single 4 = Heavy on My Heart
single 4 date = March 7, 2005

"Anastacia" is the name of the self-titled third studio album by American pop singer-songwriter Anastacia, released outside the United States in March 2004. The album peaked at the top of the album charts in the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece and Australia, eventually selling roughly 10 million copies worldwide.

The album was never released in the United States, Anastacia's home country, although there were plans to release the album at one time. The track listing for the U.S. was to be different from the European version, replacing "Sexy Single" with the b-side "Underground Army". The plans were cancelled for unknown reasons, most likely due to the apparent poor reception of lead single "Left Outside Alone" at radio outlets.


In January 2003, Anastacia had discovered that she had breast cancer when she was preparing for breast reduction surgery due to orthopedic reasons. Anastacia subsequently established a fund through the Breast Cancer Research Fund to promote awareness of breast cancer amongst younger women.

After this traumatic experience, Anastacia entered record studios in September 2003 to record the "Anastacia" album with Glen Ballard, Dallas Austin, and Dave Stewart for release in 2004. Anastacia was after more of a rock feel on the album, as is most apparent in the track "I Do" which featured Sonny Sandoval from P.O.D..

Anastacia says on her website that her illness made it more difficult to record the album:She struggled through the process to finish the album for release in March 2004.

Track listing

Worldwide Version
#"Seasons Change" (Anastacia, DioGuardi, Rzeznik) – 4:17
#"Left Outside Alone" (Anastacia, Austin, Ballard) – 4:17
#"Time" (Anastacia, Austin, Ballard) – 3:33
#"Sick and Tired" (Anastacia, Austin, Ballard) – 3:30
#"Heavy on My Heart" (Anastacia, Mann) – 4:26
#"I Do" (featuring Sonny Sandoval) (Anastacia, Burton, Dioguardi, Weissfeld) – 3:04
#"Welcome to My Truth" (Anastacia, Dioguardi, Shanks) – 4:03
#"Pretty Little Dum Dum" (Anastacia, Ballard, Dioguardi) – 4:37
#"Sexy Single" (Anastacia, Stewart) – 3:52
#"Rearview" (Anastacia, Dioguardi, Shanks) – 4:12
#"Where Do I Belong" (Anastacia, Dioguardi, Leonard) – 3:26
#"Maybe Today" (Anastacia, Stewart) – 5:15

Limited editionA small batch of this album was released with a bonus DVD, Anastacia poster and slip case. The DVD includes "Making Of Anastacia", "2002 Europe Promo Tour" & a photo gallery.

Cancelled U.S. Version
#"Seasons Change"
#"Left Outside Alone"
#"Sick and Tired"
#"Heavy on My Heart"
#"I Do" (featuring Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.)
#"Welcome to My Truth"
#"Pretty Little Dum Dum"
#"Underground Army"
#"Where Do I Belong"
#"Maybe Today"


There were also several b-sides to the album. The tracks released were:
#"Get Ready" (which appeared on the "Left Outside Alone" single)
#"Twisted Girl" (which appeared on the "Sick and Tired" single)
#"The Saddest Part" (which appeared on the "Welcome to My Truth" single)
#"Underground Army" (which appeared on the "Heavy on My Heart" single)
#"Trop Lourd Dans Mon Coeur" (a French version of "Heavy on My Heart", which appeared on the latter's single)

Chart success

"Anastacia" proved to be a huge smash hit reaching the top of the album charts in 11 European countries including the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland and number two in Spain, Portugal, Italy & Ireland. The album's lead single "Left Outside Alone" proved to be equally successful, reaching number one in Australia, Italy, Austria and Switzerland; top five on the composite European singles chart, in Australia, and in the UK. Strong airplay for the song throughout Europe led to the song's managing a world airplay ranking as one of the top five songs played on top 40 radio stations throughout the world in April 2004. The album also spawned another 3 European hit singles: "Sick & Tired", "Welcome To My Truth" & "Heavy on My Heart", "Sick & Tired" was the biggest hit from the three scoring top 5 single status across numerous European countries, almost reaching the success of "Left Outside Alone". "Welcome To My Truth" scored Anastacia her best ever selling single in Spain and gained moderate European airplay and sales, the single "Heavy on My Heart" fared slightly worse but proceeds from the single were donated to Anastacia's Breast Cancer Fund.


Year end charts/specials
*Austrian Album Top 100: #2 (2004).
*Belgian UltraTop 100: #6 (2004).
*Dutch Album Top 100: #2 (2004), #99 (2005).
*Swiss Album Top 100: #1 (2004), #94 (2005).
*German Album Top 100: #1 (2004), #55 (2005).
*Hungarian Album Top 40: # 20 as chart position; #32 as sales (2004)
*United Kingdom: #6 (2004)
*"Anastacia" currently peaks at #90 in the "Best of Alltime Albums" in Sweden.

External links

* [ Anastacia official website]
* [ Anastacia Dreams]

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