Holy Water

Holy Water

:"Holy water can also refer to water that has been blessed, such as by a priest, and is considered holy. See holy water". For the song of the same name by Big & Rich, see Holy Water (song).Infobox Album | Name = Holy Water
Type = Album
Artist = Bad Company

Released = June 12, 1990
Recorded = 1989 - 1990
Genre = Hard rock
Length = 53:27
Label = Atco Records
Producer = Tony Harris,
Andrew Scarth,
Terry Thomas
Reviews =
* Allmusic Rating|3|5 [http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:lmf1zf0heh2k~T1 link]
Last album = "Dangerous Age"
This album = "Holy Water"
Next album = "Here Comes Trouble"

"Holy Water" is a studio album by the rock band Bad Company with Brian Howe in place of Paul Rodgers as lead vocalist, released in June 1990 (see 1990 in music). The singles on the album all received moderate radio airplay. These include the title track, "Holy Water", power ballad "If You Needed Somebody" (which rose to #16 on the charts), and "Walk Through Fire". With slick arena-ready production, this was the last album by Bad Company to go Platinum.

Track listing

# "Holy Water" (Howe/Thomas)
# "Walk Through Fire"
# "Stranger Stranger"
# "If You Needed Somebody" (Howe/Thomas)
# "Fearless"
# "Lay Your Love on Me"
# "Boys Cry Tough"
# "With You in a Heartbeat"
# "I Don't Care"
# "Never Too Late"
# "Dead of the Night"
# "I Can't Live Without You"
# "100 Miles"


* Brian Howe – vocals
* Mick Ralphsguitar
* Felix Krishbass guitar
* Simon Kirkedrums, vocals, acoustic guitar
* Terry Thomas – guitar, Hammond organ, percussion, backing vocals, producer, mixing
* Rick Smithaccordion
* Tina Egan – backing vocals
* Lea Hart – backing vocals
* Tony Harris – producer, engineer
* Andrew Scarth – producer, engineer
* Derek McCartney – assistant engineer
* Rafe McKenna – mixing

Additional notes

Catalogue: (LP) Atco 91371, (CD) Atco 91371-2

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