Twice Two

Twice Two

Infobox Film
name = Twice Two
director = James Parrott
producer = Hal Roach
starring = Stan Laurel
Oliver Hardy
Billy Gilbert
released = February 25, 1932
language = English
country = USA
preceded_by = "Towed in a Hole"
followed_by = "Me and My Pal"

"Twice Two" (1933) is a Laurel and Hardy short film. It is one of only three films where the boys each play a dual role.


A year prior to the first scene, Stan Laurel married Oliver Hardy's sister (played by Oliver), and Oliver married Stan's sister (played by Stan) in a double wedding. They all live together and Stan and Ollie work in the same office. After some gags involving telephones, the wives are seen making preparations for a surprise party to celebrate their first anniversary during which a cake lands on Mrs Hardy's head, causing her to bear an uncanny resemblance to a portrait of Elizabeth I on the kitchen wall. Stan and Ollie then arrive but the couples can't help but squabble throughout the party. In the final scenes a delivery boy (played by Charlie Hall) arrives with another cake which is thrown in Mrs Hardy's face by an acrimonious Mrs Laurel.

Memorable Jokes

:Ollie: Well, What did she say?:Stan: She told me to tell you that we can't go out tonight, that we have to come straight home.:Ollie: Why?:Stan: "She's got a surprise for you.":Ollie: What else did she say?:Stan: She told me not to tell you that she had the surprise.:Ollie: Well, don't "tell" me! :Stan: I won't! I can keep a secret.

:Stan: Ollie said we should go out to dinner to celebrate our university.

:Delivery boy: Will you see that she gets this cake?:Mrs. Hardy: I certainly will.:Mrs. Hardy: "(To Mrs Laurel)" The man said to see that you got this.:Mrs. Laurel: Thank you.:"(Mrs. Laurel slams the cake in Mrs. Hardy's face)"


*The other films in which Laurel and Hardy play dual roles are "Brats" and "Our Relations".

*The voice of Mrs. Hardy (Stan's sister) is dubbed by Carol Tevis, whose voice is dubbed on the Munchkin singers in The Wizard of Oz (1939 film).

*The voice of Mrs. Laurel (Oliver's sister) is dubbed by Mae Wallace (who also appeared with Laurel and Hardy in "County Hospital" as a Nurse).

*This is the second time Stan Laurel appears in drag as Oliver Hardy's wife; the first was "That's My Wife" five years earlier, in which, after Ollie's real wife leaves him, he enlists Stan to dress in drag and pass "him" off to his rich uncle as his wife. Subsequently, Stan would appear in drag once more, ten years later, in "Jitterbugs", briefly, as a Boston matron.

* It was the last film directed for them by James Parrott.

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