Symphony No. 25 (Mozart)

Symphony No. 25 (Mozart)

The Symphony No. 25 in G minor, K. 183/173dB, was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in October 1773,[1] shortly after the success of his opera seria Lucio Silla. It was supposedly completed October 5, a mere two days after the completion of his Symphony No. 24, although this remains unsubstantiated. Its first movement is widely known as the opening music in Miloš Forman's film Amadeus.



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The symphony is laid out in standard classical form:

  1. Allegro con brio, 4/4 in G minor
  2. Andante, 2/4 in E-flat major
  3. Menuetto & Trio, 3/4 in G minor, Trio in G major
  4. Allegro, 4/4 in G minor

Style and Influence

With its wide-leap melodic lines and brisk musical subjects, this symphony is characteristic of the Sturm und Drang style. It shares certain features with other Sturm und Drang symphonies of this time, and is likely inspired from Joseph Haydn's Symphony No. 39 which is likewise in G minor.[2]

The opening Mannheim rocket (a rising arpeggiated sequence) was quoted by Beethoven in his first Piano Sonata as the principal subject of the first movement.


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