Unissued stock

Unissued stock

Unissued stock is stock that has been authorized in a companies charter, but has never been sold. It differs from Treasury stock (in the UK, Treasury shares, as treasury stock means something else), in that treasury stock has been issued, and bought back by the company, where as unissued stock has never been issued.

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  • unissued stock — A corporation s shares of stock which are authorized by its articles of incorporation, but have never been issued (sold) to anyone. Category: Business, LLCs & Corporations Nolo’s Plain English Law Dictionary. Gerald N. Hill, Kathleen Thompson… …   Law dictionary

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  • unissued stock — Corporate stock which has been authorized but is not outstanding. unit. One single thing. One single person. One single group of persons, as a squad, platoon, or company of men in a military force. An apartment in a condominium. 15 Am J2d Con Apt …   Ballentine's law dictionary

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