Jaap Sahib

Jaap Sahib

Jaap Sahib is the morning prayer of the Sikhs. The Prayer or Bani was composed by the tenth Sikh Master, Guru Gobind Singh. This Bani is one of 5 Banis that a Sikh must recite everyday and is recited by the Panj Pyare while preparing Amrit on the occasion of Amrit Sanchar (initiation), a ceremony held to admit initiates into the Khalsa Brotherhood. The Jaap Sahib is chronogically the first Bani (holy hymn of Guru ) in the Dasam Granth, which was compiled by Bhai Mani Singh around the year 1734.Harv|Cole, Singh|1995|p=55.The "Jaap Sahib" is reminiscent of Japji Sahib, and is chronogically recited at second, in the daily morning prayer of a Sikh.


"Jaap Sahib" is made up of 199 verses and is the first Bani of the Dasam Granth (p.1-10). The Jaap Sahib begins with "Sri Mukhwakh Patshahi Dasvee," "By the holy mouth of the Tenth King." This appears to be a specific saying to authenticate the writings of Guru Gobind Singh himself.

Macauliffe says, "The Hindus have a work enitled "Vishnu Sahasar Nam", 'Vishnu's Thousand Names.' The Jaapji was composed to supply the Sikhs with a similar number of epithets of the Creator."

"Jap" is a Sanskrit word which means "to utter in a low voice, whisper, mutter (especially prayers or incantations); to invoke or call upon in a low voice." The form of the word here is "Japu", which makes it a noun, "meditation."


The language of Jaap, is close to classical with words and compounds drawn from Sanskrit, Brij Bhasha, Arabic and Persian. The contents of Jaap Sahib, are divided into various "Chhands" bearing the name of the related meter according to the then prevalent system of prosody in India.

In most of the verses God is described in negative terms. As all these verses are in the form of rhymed couplets, the vocabularly and ingenuity of the poet are superb. The opening verse is typical:

"Thou hast no form or feature, No caste or lineage; None can describe Thy appearance, Colour, mark or garb."

There is an all inclusiveness and universalism that keeps coming to the surface. "All" seems to be the key word as the poet breaks through to more positive description:

"Thou art the source of all light, And the object of all praise; Thou art the supreme Lord of all, And the moon of the Universe." -Verse 119

"Perfect is Thy discernment. All turn to Thee for refuge. Thou art the Great Companion; Thou art the sure Providence." -Verse 123

The fervour of the true "Bhakta" comes out in hailing the immortal as man's companion. Something of the devoutness of the Guru's nature comes to a climax in the concluding verse:

"Thou fillest and feedest the whole universe, Thyself self-existent, auspicious and united with all. Thou art the embodiment of mercy; Thou art the deliverer from birth and death. Thou art man's constant Companion. Everlasting is Thy glory!"

Among the thousand names there are seventy-five Muslim names. Only a few of these, such as "Rahim" and "Karim", "Razakai" (Nourisher), "Aruv" (Pardoner), and "Salamai" (Peaceful) are among the Muslim's ninety-nine names of "Allah": but all the names used would be familiar to Punjabi Muslims. The Muslim tongue and ear would surely delight in "Allah" and "Nirsharik"; "Karimur Rahim"; "Husnul Chirag", "Garibun Niwaz"; "Kamal Karim"; "Rajak Rahim"; "Bahistun Niwas"; and many such others.


The immortal One is for Guru Gobind Singh sometimes the 'wholly Other,' far above human comprehension, before whom man can but bow again and again. As the succeeding waves of negative attributes roll on one may well wonder how there can be any communication with this inscrutable Being. The answer is, of course, that He of his grace has offered companionship to man, so that man does not have to understand, but only to accept and adore. Sikhism offers a new path of salvation in addition to the traditional paths of knowledge, work and devotion - the path of the Name, "Naam". Meditation on the Name produces "Wismad", wonder; and the object of such poetry as the Japp Sahib is the creation of the mood of aesthetic ecstasy: Sher Singh in the "Philosophy of Sikhism" writes:"It is the poetry and the music of the contents of the Granth revealing simple and direct truths which charm a reader of Gurbani...and can bring peace to the soul." "It is the aesthetical insight leading man through appearance to reality." Meditation on the Name is fundamental to Sikhism, and so in this opening hymn of the Dasam Granth, men are given a thousand names on which to meditate.


"Jaap Sahib" is a rhythmic hymn composed like a necklace with pearls and gems beauteously arranged around a string: the string is the Supreme God; the pearls and gems are His attributes, excellences, and glories. In other words, Jaap Sahib is an introduction unto God. The glories sung by Guru Sahib revolve around the following attributes of God:

*God is metaphysical , beyond time, Eternal, Unborn, Uncreated, Self-existent, and withour form, feature, colour or contour. Therefore, neither can He be described or depicted, nor can anyone make His image or idol.

*God is Universally Pervasive in His manifestations. He cannot be confined to any particular place, land, country, religion, race, garb, body or name.

*God is the Creator of the Universe and the laws governing it. Never can anyone outside the ambit of these laws nor can anyone have the power to oppose them. His Law and Justice is Righteous and Ultimate.

*God is pervasive in His Creation and also extends beyond it; He is thus Immanent in His Creation and at the same time Transcends it.

*God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient; nothing, whether good or evil, can happen outside of His Will; He is the Creator-Sustainer-Annuller of His Creation. He Himself is the Life of life, the Death of death. He Himself is the Darkness of darkness, the Light of light.

Jaap Sahib in Gurmukhi - Beta Test

1. Chhapai style of verses, by Thy Grace

1.O Lord,Thou art without any form, symbol, caste, class or lineage.None can describe Thy form, hue, garb or shape.Eternal and immutable,Resplendent in Thine own Light,Thy Power is without any limit.Thou art the Lord of all Indras and the King of all kings.Sovereign of the three worlds,Thou art ever proclaimed infinite by gods, men, demons–Nay even by the blades of grass in forests.Who can ever recite all Thy names!Inspired by Thy grace,I recite the names relating to Thy deeds.

2. Bhujang Prayaat style of verses

2.Salutations to the Eternal,Salutations to the Merciful.Salutations to the Formless,Salutations to the Peerless.Salutations to the Garbless,

3.Salutations to the One beyond the scope of written word.Salutations to the Formless,Salutations to the One beyond the scope of birth.

4.Salutations to the Unconquerable,Salutations to the Indestructible.Salutations to the Nameless,Salutations to the Abodeless.

5.Salutations to the One beyond deeds,Salutations to the One beyond creeds,Salutations to the One beyond names,Salutations to the One beyond any fixed locale.

6.Salutations to the Unconquerable,Salutations to the Fearless.Salutations to the Unshakeable,Salutations to the Invincible.

7.Salutations to the One without colour or hue,Salutations to the One who hath no beginning.Salutations to the One who is impenetrable,Salutations to the One who is unfathomable.

8.Salutations to the Unconquerable,Salutations to the Indestructible.Salutations to the ever Generous,Salutations to the Unfathomable.

9.Salutations to the Absolute One,Who is yet manifest in myriad forms.Salutations to the One beyond physical elements,Salutations to the One beyond all bonds

10.Salutations to the One beyond all deeds,Salutations to the One beyond all delusions.Salutations to the One who hath no country,Salutations to the One who hath no garb.

11.Salutations to the One who hath no name,Salutations to the One who hath no desire.Salutations to the One beyond physical elements,Salutations to the One beyond assault.

12.Salutations to the One who is ever steady,Salutations to the One beyond physical elements.Salutations to the One who cannot be seen,Salutations to the One beyond sorrow or grief.

13.Salutations to the One beyond affliction,Salutations to the One, whom none can install.Salutations to the One, worshipped in all aeons,Salutations to the greatest Treasure of all.

14.Salutations to the Unfathomable,Salutations to the Unshakeable.Salutations to the One worshipped in all modes,Salutations to the One, never created nor born.

15.Salutations to the Divine Reveller,Salutations to the Divine Ascetic.Salutations to the Lord, without any hue,Salutations to the Lord, ever Indestructible.

16.Salutations to the Lord, beyond the reach of knowledge,Salutations to the Lord of beauty and truth.Salutations to the Lord of mighty oceans,Salutations to the Lord who needs no support.

17.Salutations to the One, who hath no caste,Salutations to the One, who hath no lineage.Salutations to the One, beyond confines of religions,Salutations to the One, who is wonderful.

18.Salutations to the One, who hath no country,Salutations to the One, who hath no garb.Salutations to the One, who hath no abode,Salutations to the One, who hath no consort.

19.Salutations to the Universal Annihilator,Salutations to the ever Merciful Lord.Salutations to the One, manifest in all forms,Salutations to the Lord, Sovereign of all.

20.Salutations to the Destroyer of all,Salutations to the Creator of all.Salutations to the Annihilator of all,Salutations to the Preserver of all.

21.Salutations to the Lord of Light and Truth,Salutations to the Lord, ever mysterious.Salutations to the Lord, ever unborn,Salutations to the Lord of beauty.

22.Salutations to the Lord, immanent everywhere,Salutations to the Lord, who pervades everything.Salutations to the Lord, manifest in all colours,Salutations to the Lord, who destroys everything.

23.Salutations to the Lord, the Annihilator of death,Salutations to the Lord of truth and compassion.Salutations to the Lord, beyond caste or colour,Salutations to the Lord, beyond reach of death.

24.Salutations to the Lord, unaffected by age,Salutations to the Lord, the Doer and Creator.Salutations to the Lord, the Cause of all works,Salutations to the Lord, ever free of bondage.

25.Salutations to the Lord, without kith or kin.Salutations to the Lord, who is never afraid.Salutations to the Lord who is ever merciful.Salutations to the Lord, who is ever compassionate.

26.Salutations to the Lord ever infinite,Salutations to the Lord ever the greatest.Salutations to the Lord of Love and Truth,Salutations to the Lord ever blessed and true.

27.Salutations to the Lord who consumes and destroys all,Salutations to the Lord who preserves and nurtures all.Salutations to the Lord who creates everything,Salutations to the Lord who annihilates everything.

28.Salutations to the Lord, the greatest in asceticism,Salutations to the Lord, the greatest in enjoyment.Salutations to the Lord, ever merciful to everyone,Salutations to the Lord, the Sustainer of everyone.

29. Chaachree style of verses, by Thy Grace

29.O Lord,Thou art formless and peerless,Beyond birth and physical elements.

30.Beyond description and garbless,Thou art nameless and desireless.

31.Thou art beyond thought and ever mysterious.Thou art unconquerable and fearless.

32.Thou art worshiped in all times.Thou art the Treasure of all things sublime.Thou art Master of the three modes,Thou art Creator of Thine own.

33.Thou art without any hue or colour.Thou art without any beginning.Thou art ever invincible,And free of bondage of birth.

34.Thou art casteless and unborn.Thou art Spirit unadorned.

35.Thou art immortal and indestructible.Thou art invincible and ever detached.

36.Thou art unfathomable and Benefactor of all.Thou art free of worldly snares and beyond thrall.

37.Thou art beyond knowledge and comprehension.Thou art beyond time and beyond bonds.

38.Thou art Allah, the Omnipresent.Thou art infinite and ever resplendent.

39.Thou art Enlightenment, unrivalled.Thou art Self-sustained and Self-created.

40.Thou art unfathomable and unborn.Thou art beyond matter and sense perceptions.

41.Thou art beyond sight and sorrow.Thou art beyond rituals and delusions.

42.Thou art unconquerable and fearless.Thou art unshakeable and unfathomable.

43.Thou art beyond measure, the everlasting Treasure.Manifest as more than one, yet Thou art only One.

44. Bhujang Prayaat style of verses

44.Salutations to Thee,Worshipped by everyone, the universaland everlasting Treasure.Angel of Angels, garbless and mysteriousbeyond measure.

45.Salutations to Thee,Lord of Death, Sustainer of all.All pervading and present in all.

46.Salutations to Thee,Formless, Thine own Master and unrivalled AnnihilatorLord of all Suns and worshipped by everyone.

47.Salutations to Thee,The Moon of all moons and the Sun of all suns.The Song of all songs and the Melody of all music.

48.Salutations to Thee,Dance of all dances and Melody of all music.Lord of the hands that create celestial music.

49.O Lord,Thou art without form or name,Yet all creation is a manifestation of Thyself.Thou art the Ultimate AnnihilatorAs also the Source of all power and treasures.

50.Salutations to Thee,O Lord, without blame or blemish.O King of Kings, supremely splendid.

51.Salutations to Thee,Lord of the yogis, the Master of all powers.The King of kings, ever supreme and great.

52.Salutations to Thee,Wielder of weapons and Pride of arms,Perfect of knowledge and Mother of all.

53.O Lord,Thou art without garb and without delusion,Beyond worldly desires nor consumed by such desires.Salutations to the Master of all yogis,Who is supremely pervading the entire universe.

54.Salutations to TheeEternal Sustainer as also the Annihilator.Lord of evil spirits as also of angels,The Fountainhead of light and of all righteousness.

55.Salutations to Thee,Dispeller of disease, Embodiment of Love,Sovereign of Sovereigns, King of Kings.

56.Salutations to Thee,The greatest Bestower of gifts and honour,The Remover of all ailments and the greatest Purifier.

57.Salutations to Thee, Lord of Divine Word,Master of mystic charms,Greatest of all deities, Master of the occult.

58.Oh Lord,Thou art eternal, ever conscious and ever blissful,Thou art also the ultimate Annihilator of all.Thou art formless and yet of unrivalled beauty,Thy spirit pervadeth and is immanent among all.

59.O Lord,Thou art the Bestower of spiritual powers,wisdom and prosperity.Thou pervadeth the skies, the earth and all in between.Thou art the Destroyer of all evil and of all sins.

60.O Lord,Thou art the invisible Sustainer of the Universe.Thou art ever the Master of spiritual powers,Thou art ever the compassionate Bestower.

61.O Lord,Thou art impregnable, indestructible,Nameless and desireless.Thou art unconquerable, omnipresent, Lord of all.

62. By Thy Power, Chaachree style of verses

62.O Lord,Thou art in water and on land.Thou art without fear and Thou granteth fearlessness.

63.Thou art the Supreme Master Who changeth not,Thou belongeth to no country and hath no garb.

64. Bhujang Prayaat style of verses, by Thy Grace

64.O Lord,Thou art unfathomable, free of bondageand Bliss Incarnate.Salutations to Thee,Worshipped by all, the Source of treasures for all.

65.Salutations to Thee,Thine own Master, the ultimate Annihilator,Ever unconquerable, ever indestructible.

66.Salutations to Thee,Lord Immortal, Self-sustained.Immanent in all regions and in all shapes.

67.Salutations to Thee,King of Kings, Creator of Creation.Lord of all sovereigns and of all planets.

68.Salutations to Thee,Greatest of all songs and greatest of all love.Master of wrath and Annihilator of universe.

69.Salutations to Thee,Master of all maladies, Reveller of all universe.Greatest Conqueror, inspiring awe amongst all.

70.Salutations to Thee,The ultimate Source of true knowledge,The Creator of the warp and weft of universe,Lord of divine words and of mystic charms.

71.Salutations to Thee,Whose benevolence oversees all Creation,and Who exercises universal attraction.Lord omnipresent in all hues and forms,Annihilator of the three modes Who is without form.

72.Salutations to Thee;The Essence of all life and the Seed of all Creation.Ever calm, ever detached, and bestowing grace on all.

73.Salutations to Thee,Embodiment of compassion, Destroyer of sins,The Everlasting Source of all wealth and spiritual powers.

74. Charpat style of verses, By Thy Grace

74.O Lord,Immortal are Thy deedsImmutable are Thy laws.Thou permeate the entire universe,The eternal Reveller of all.

75.O Lord,Eternal is Thy kingdom,and everlasting Thy creation.Universal are Thy laws,and indescribable Thy achievements.

76.O Lord,Thou giveth to all, Thou knoweth all.Thou illumineth all, Thou art adored by all.

77.O Lord,Thou art the Essence of all life and Protector of all.Thou art the Universal Reveller and united with all.

78.O Lord,Thou art the Lord of all angels,the Knower of mysteries of universe.Thou art the ultimate Annihilatoras also the eternal Sustainer.

79. Ruaal style of verses, by Thy Grace

79.O Lord,Thou art the Primal Being,without a beginning, unborn and infinite.Worshipped by the three worlds,Thou art luminous, mysterious and ever merciful.Protector of all, Destroyer of all,and the ultimate Annihilator of all.Immanent in all Creation, yet detached,Thou art supremely beautiful and sweet as nectar.

80.O Lord,Thou art without a name or abode,without caste, colour or contour,Primal Being, bountiful, unborn and ever perfect.Belonging to no country,having no garb, nor form nor shape,Thou art ever unattached,Pervading the entire universe in all directionsas the Essence of sublime Love.

81.O Lord,Thou art Nameless and Desireless with no visible abode,Adored by all, worshipped everywhere and glorified for evermore.Thou art One, yet Manifold, and manifest in myriad forms.Playing the divine game of creation, Thou art yet detached,Merging into Thyself all creations in the final act.

82.O Lord,Thy mysteries remain unfathomedby gods, Vedas and other scriptures.Without form, colour, caste or clan,How can one ever know Thee?Without father, mother or lineage,beyond birth and death,Thy awesome Power prevails in all directionsand is worshipped everywhere.

83.O Lord,Thy Name is chanted by people in fourteen worlds.Primal Lord of Light, without a beginning,Thou created the entire universe.Thou art supremely beautiful,Ever pure, perfect and infinite.Self-existent Creator of the universe,Thou art its Preserver and its Annihilator.

84.Thou art timeless,the Source of all arts and achievements,Immortal and Omnipresent.Repository of all religions, free of delusionsBeyond physical elements,Thou art invisible and garbless.Beyond physical attachment,Having no colour, caste, lineage or name,Thou art Destroyer of pride,Chastiser of the wicked and Bestower of emancipation.

85.Self-created in Thine own image,Unfathomable and beyond praiseThou art unique and totally detached.Destroyer of pride, Annihilator of all,Thou art the Primal Unborn Being.Without body or limbs,Indestructible and beyond the soul,Thou art One infinite Being.Supremely capable,Thou sustain all and ultimately annihilate all.

86.Thy power extends over all,Thou art the Annihilator of all,Thou art ever unique.Not all the scriptures knowThy form, colour or shape,Even the supreme Vedas and Puranas proclaimThou art Infinite.Even through millions of scriptures,like simritis, puranas and shastras,Human mind cannot comprehend Thee.

87. Madhubhaar style of verses, by Thy Grace

87.Fount of all virtues, generous and merciful,Infinite is Thy glory.Eternal is Thine existence and incomparable Thy grace.

88.Self-resplendent and ever indestructible,Infinite is Thy might, O Lord of Lords.

89.O King of kings, Sun of all suns,Lord of all angels, incomparable is Thy glory.

90.Lord of all Indras, Greatest among the great,Poorest among the poor, Annihilator of Death.

91.Beyond the physical elements,Ever resplendent with light,Of infinite speed, beyond any measure,Ever generous Fount of virtues and treasures.

92.Worshipped by sages,Without fear or desire,Of mighty effulgence,Indivisible and Immeasurable.

93.Thy actions spring from Thy Nature,Thy laws from the noblest ideals.Thou adorn and fulfill all universe,unbound and unchallenged.

94. Chaachree style of verses, by Thy Grace

94.Lord of Universe, great Emancipator,Ever compassionate and infinite.

95.The ultimate Annihilator, the primordial Creator,Who hath no name, nor any desire.

96. Bhujang Prayaat style of verses

96.In all directions, everywhere,Thou art the Creator and the Annihilator,Thou art the Giver and the Knower.

97.In all directions, everywhere,Thou pervadeth and fulfilleth,Thou sustaineth and destroyeth.

98.In all directions, everywhere,Thou art ever so near and ever immanent,Thou art ever worshipped and ever the Giver.

99. Chachree style of verses

99.O Lord, Thou artWithout friend or foe,Without delusion or fear.

100.Beyond action or form,Beyond birth or abode.

101.Without image or friend,Limitless and ever pure.

102.Master of the Universe, the Primal Being,Ever invisible, ever almighty.

103. Bhagvati style of verses, Uttered by Thy Grace

103.O Lord,Imperishable is Thy kingdom, Indefilable is Thy form,Indestructible are Thy deeds, Impenetrable Thy illusion.

104.O LordDetached from the world Thou createth,Capable of extinguishing the blazing sun,Ever detached, Thou art the Creator of all powers.

105.O Lord,Thou art the glory of all kings,The flag bearer of true faith,Beyond grief or sorrow,Thou adorn and sustain the universe.

106.O Lord,Thou art the Creator of the worldand Bravest of the brave.All-pervading Supreme Spirit, Thy realisation isbliss unrivalled.

107.O Lord,The Supreme and Primal God, Beyond all mysteries,Thou hast no form and art Thine own master.

108.O Lord,Thou art the Giver of sustenance to all,Thou art the merciful Emancipator,Ever immaculate, without any blemish,Thou art invisible and mysterious.

109.O Lord,Thou art the Forgiver of sins, King of kings,The Cause of all actions, providing sustenance toEveryone

110.Thou art the merciful Provider of sustenance,And the ever gracious Fount of compassion.Thou art the Source of all arts and powers,and also the Chastiser and Annihilator.

111.O Lord,Worshipped everywhere,Thou art the Giver of all things,Present everywhere,Thou resideth in all things

112.O Lord,Thou art present in all lands and in all forms,Thine is the kingdom everywhere,Thou art the Creator of the universe.

113.O Lord,Everywhere Thou art the Giver,and Thou permeate all things.Everywhere is Thy gloryand Thou light up all things.

114.O Lord,Thou art present in all lands and in all forms,Thou art the Annihilator everywhere,and the Sustainer everywhere.

115.O Lord,Everywhere Thou art the ultimate Annihilator,Everything is within Thy reach and knowledge,Everywhere Thou art manifest in varied forms,Everywhere Thou art the gracious Seer.

116.O Lord,Thou art the Doer of all deedsThy kingdom reaches everywhere.Thou art the Annihilator of everything,and Thou art the Sustainer everywhere.

117.O Lord,Thou art the Almighty Reliever of misery,Thou art the very Breath of life,Thou art present in all lands,Thou art manifest in all forms.

118.O LordAdored everywhere,Thou art ever the Supreme Master,Everywhere is Thy Name chantedand Thy kingdom established everywhere.

119.O Lord,Thou art like the Sun spreading light everywhere,Thine is the glory acknowledged everywhere.Thou art the supreme God of all gods,Thou art the Lord of all moons and planets.

120.O Lord,Thy Word inspires all Creation,Thou art the supreme Fount of all Wisdom..Thou art supreme in wisdom and enlightenment,Thou art the Lord of all scriptures.

121.O Lord,Thou art the essence of all beauty,and the Centre of all attraction,Eternal is Thy peaceand everlasting Thy creation.

122.O Lord,Thou art the Vanquisher of the tyrantsand Protector of the poor,Lofty is Thy mansion,Heaven and Earth Thy kingdom

123.O Lord,Thou grantest wisdom to all,Thou art the Centre of all meditation,Thou art the perfect Friendand surest Provider of sustenance.

124.O Lord,Thou art like an ocean with countless wavesEver mysterious, ever imperishable,Thou art the Saviour of Thy devoteesand Chastiser of their enemies.

125.O Lord,Indescribable is Thy form,Transcendent is Thy power,All revel in Thy glory,Imminent in all is Thy nectar.

126.O Lord,Eternal is Thy existence,Ever mysterious and incomparable.Thou art the Vanquisher of all,Thou art the Creator of all.

127.O Lord,Protector of all,Thou art free of all desires,Of imperishable form,Thou art unfathomable and incomparable.

128.O Lord,Om is Thy primal manifestation,but Thy existence has no beginningWithout a body, without a name,Thou art the Annihilator and the Fulfiller everywhere.

129.O Lord,Blesser of the three boons,Master of the three worlds,Thou art imperishable and unfathomable.Benevolent Ordainer of everyone's fate,Thou art manifest as Love everywhere.

130.O Lord,Reveller of the three worlds,None can penetrate or touch Thee.Destroyer of all,Thou abidest in all universe.

131.O Lord,Of indescribable glory,Thou art ever Eternal.Detached from the material world,Thou sublimely permeate the universe.

132.O Lord,Thou art ever beyond description,Thy splendour transcends the universe.Indescribable is Thy formThou sublimely permeate the universe.

133. Bhujang style of verses

133.O LordThou art Formless and Indestructible.Thou art Garbless and Indescribable

134.O Lord,Thou art beyond delusionand free of the bondage of Karma,Thou art without a beginning and pre-existed all aeons.

135.O Lord,Thou art Invincible and Eternal,Beyond the physical elements and Unshakeable.

136.O Lord,Thou art Imperishable and ever Detached.Beyond worldly affairs and free of bonds.

137.O Lord,Thou art free of attachment,Thou art Indestructible,Thou art the Source of enlightenment.

138.O Lord,Free of worries,Thou art Eternal.Beyond description,Thou art Invisible.

139.O Lord,Thou art beyond the written word,Thou art without any garb.Thou art ever Invincible,Thou art verily Unfathomable.

140.O Lord,Thou art ever Unborn,Thou art beyond comprehension,Thou art without any stigma,Thou art without any origin.

141.O Lord,Pervading the ever changing universe,Thou art ever Eternal,Not having been born,Thou art free of all bonds.

142. Charpat style of verses, by Thy Grace

142.O Lord,Thou art the Annihilator of all,Thou art present in everyone,Thou art praised by all,Thou knowest everyone.

Charpat style of verses, by Thy Grace

143.Thou canst take away from everyone,For all deeds are done by Thee through everyone,Thou art the Breath of life in allThou art the Emancipator of all.

144.Thou art the Doer working through everyone,Thou art the Font of all religions.Thou art attached to all,Thou art free of all.

147.Without limbs and without name,Thou art the Destroyer and the Fulfillerin the three worlds,In all Thy forms, Thou art indestructible,In all Thy forms, Thou art supremely beautiful.

148.Thou hast no son nor grandson,Thou hast no enemy nor friend,Thou hast no father nor mother,Thou hast no caste nor lineage.

149.Having no relatives nor rivals,Thou art limitless and immeasurable.Of eternal glory and splendour,Thou art unborn and unconquerable.

150. Bhagvati style of verses, By Thy Grace

150.O Lord,Ever manifest in all Thy splendour,Ever present in all Thy glory,Thou art the Fount of eternal peace,Thou art the Source of all scriptures.

151.Great Master of all intellect,Thou art the Fount of all beauty,Ever perfect in Thy compassion,Thou art the Merciful Giver of sustenance.

152.Thou art the Source of all livelihood.Giver of sustenance and emancipation.Thou art perfect in Thy compassion,Ever beautiful, ever resplendent.

153.Chastiser of the tyrants,Saviour of the poor,Annihilator of the oppressorsThou art Dispeller of all fear.

154.Destroyer of sins and stigmas,Thou art present in everyone,Ever invincible against evil,Thou art Merciful Provider of sustenance.

155.Thou speakest from every tongue,Thou art ever so near, O Master.Thou art the Annihilator of hell,Thou art the Master of heaven.

156.None is beyond Thy reach,For Thou art ever dynamic.Thou knowest the reality of everyone,Yet all are loved by Thee.

157.Thou art the supreme Lord, O Master,Thou art the universal Primal God.Belonging to no country, beyond description,Thou art ever without any garb.

158.Thou pervadeth the earth and the sky,Immeasurable is the power of Thy faith.Supremely perfect is Thy compassion,Exquisitely splendid is Thy velour and grace.

159.Steady and eternal is Thy enlightenmentBeyond all measure is Thy fragrance,In every form Thou art full of wonder,Thy glory and power are beyond any measure.

160.Immeasurable is the expanse of Thy creation,Thy spirit sheds splendour everywhere,Thou art ever steady, eternal and formless,Thou art indestructible and beyond all measure.

161. Madhubhaar style of verses, by Thy Grace

161.O Lord,In their minds sages bow to TheeFor thou art the Fount of all virtues,Even the mightiest enemy cannot harm TheeFor Thou art the ultimate Annihilator.

162.O Lord,Countless people bow to Thee in worship,Even the sages do obeisance to Thee in their minds,For Thou art immortal and imperishable,Ever Supreme and Self created.

163.O Lord,Intuitively experienced, Thou art immortal,In the minds of the sages, Thou art the Light,Multitudes of virtuous people bow to Thee,Thou art the Master of land and sea.

164.O Lord,Inviolate is Thy person,Unassailable is Thy Throne,Incomparable is Thy glory,Vast is Thy measure.

165.O Lord,Established by Thine own power on land and sea,Beyond criticism extends Thy glory in all directions,Mighty Master of all lands and seas,Limitless is Thy spread in all directions.

166.O Lord,Intuitively experienced and Indestructible,Thou art the Centre and Support of the universe,Of long and mighty arms and reach,Thou art ever One and only One

167.O Lord,Onkar is Thy primal manifestation,Truly Thou hast no beginning,Thy contemplation destroyeth evil,Supreme Master, Thou art Immortal.

168.O Lord,Thou art worshipped in all homes,Thy Name is recited with contemplationof Thy lotus feet,Imperishable is Thy existence,Nothing is weak or dependent in Thee.

169.O Lord,Beyond involvement in the strife of the world,Thou art ever without anger,Inexhaustible is Thy treasure,Beyond limit and self created.

170.O Lord,Subtle and unique are Thy laws,Mighty and resolute are Thy deeds,Inviolate and infinite is Thy existence,Great and generous is Thy bounty..

171. Har Bolmanaa style of verses, by thy Grace

171.O Lord,Thou art the Abode of Mercy,Thou art the Annihilator of the (evil) enemies,Thou art Dispeller of evil and ignorance,Thou adorn the world by Thy grace.

172.O Lord,Thou art the Lord of the Universe,Thou art the Supreme Master,Even though strife be caused by Thy willThou art the merciful Saviour of all.

173.O Lord,Thou art the Support and Sustenance of the earth,Thou art the Creator of the universe,Acknowledged and worshipped in their minds by all,Thou art known all over the universe.

174.O Lord,Thou art the Source of sustenance of all,Thou art the Cause of actions by all.Thou art ever so close and provide support to all,Thou art also the ultimate Destroyer of all.

175.O Lord,Thou art ever merciful,Sustainer of the universe,Thou art the Master of alland Lord of the Universe.

176.O Lord,Thou art Cherisher of the emancipated,Thou art Destroyer of the evil,Thou art ever Infinite,Thou art ever Merciful.

177.O Lord,No prayer can encompass Thy full glory,None can install Thyself but Thee.Thy deeds are done without Thy doing,Thou art the Nectar of immortality.

178.O Lord,Thou art the Nectar of immortality,Ever acting in kind compassion,Thy deeds are done without Thy doing,Support and Sustenance of universe.

179.Lord of the nectar of immortalityThou art the Supreme God, O Lord,Thy deeds are done without Thy doing.Thou art the Nectar of immortality.

180.O Lord,Wonderful is Thy creation,Thou art the Nectar of immortality,Guiding Spirit of all mankind,Thou art the Destroyer of all evil.

181.O Lord,Thou art the Sustenance of universe,Thou art the Abode of mercy,Thou art Supreme among the sovereigns,Thou art the Sustenance of everyone.

182.Destroyer of fear,Thou art Annihilator of the (evil) enemiesChastiser of the sinners,Thou art the Inspiration of all worship.

183.Without blemish is Thy creation,O Supreme Creator of everything,The Cause and Doer of all deeds,O ultimate Annihilator of everything.

184.O supreme and transcendent Lord of all souls,Thou art also manifest in individual souls,Fully in command of Thine own self,Supreme is Thy glory and Thy praise.

185. Bhujang Prayaat style of verses

185.Salutations to Thee, O Sun of all Suns,Salutations to Thee, O Moon of all moons,Salutations to Thee, O King of all kingsSalutations to Thee, O Lord of all Indras,Salutations to Thee, O Lord of darkness,Salutations to Thee, O Light of all lights,Salutations to Thee, O Lord of multitudes,Salutations to Thee, O Seed of all creation.

186.Salutations to Thee, O Lord of the three modesof passion, inertia and peace,Salutations to Thee, O Supreme Essenceand spirit of all things,Salutations to Thee, O Yoga of all Yogas,Salutations to Thee, O Essence of all knowledge,Salutations to Thee, O Mantra of all MantrasSalutations to Thee, O Essence of all meditation.

187.Salutations to Thee, O Lord Supreme in battle,Salutations to Thee, O Lord Supreme in enlightenment,Salutations to Thee, O Sustenance of all food,Salutations to Thee, O Essence of all drinks,Salutations to Thee, O Lord of all strife,Salutations to Thee, O Embodiment of peace,Salutations to Thee, O Lord of all Indras,Salutations to Thee, O Supreme Powerwithout a beginning.

188.O Lord,Thou art the Essence of all arts and adornments,Salutations to Thee, eternal Hope of everyone.Salutations to Thee, Supreme in Thy elegance,Ever immortal, incorporeal and nameless,Annihilator of the universe, Lord of all times,Thou art without form and without desire.

189. Ek Acchari style of verses

189.O Lord, Thou artUnconquerable, indestructible,Fearless and eternal.

190.Unborn, unshakeable,Imperishable and all pervading.

191.Invincible, imperishable,Invisible and needing no sustenance.

192.Timeless, compassionate,Beyond fate and garb.

193.Nameless, desireless,Unfathomable, invincible.

194.Thine own Master, ultimate AnnihilatorEver unborn, never silenced.

195.Without attachment, without colour,Without form, without shape.

196.Beyond ritual, beyond delusions,Indestructible, indescribable

199.O Lord,Having Thy domain in all quarters,Thou art the Reveller everywhere.Self created, compassionate and auspicious,Thou art ever united with everyone.Destroyer of bad times,Thou art the Embodiment of Compassion.Ever so close to everyone,Everlasting is the treasure of Thy glory and power.

Video of Jaap Sahib English translation

* [http://youtube.com/watch?v=0xEKlBKB7s8 Jaap Sahib Full Prayer]
* [http://youtube.com/watch?v=LAHqMbLygog Jaap Sahib with Line By Line Translation]

Audio Links

* [http://www.sikhroots.net/audio/index.php?q=s&sm=fi&s=jaap&x=13&y=12 Download multiple variations from www.sikhroots.com]
* [http://www.sikhnet.com/Sikhnet/Music.nsf/0/a12db9ead81ed9118725695b007b7848?OpenDocument Audio from www.Sikhnet.com]

External links

* [http://www.sridasamgranth.com Jaap Sahib: Sri Guru Gobind Singh’s Inspirational Composition and other Dasam Granth articles]
* [http://www.gobindsadan.org/jaapsahib/jaapsahib_engl_06.pdf Jaap Sahib English Translation by Gobind Sadan PDF]
* [http://www.sikhnet.com/s/ReadBanisOnline Read Jaap Sahib Online]
* [http://srec.gurmat.info/srecarticles/sridasamgranthsahib/jaap.html#Sri%20Jaap%20Sahib Jaap Sahib in Gurmukhi, English and its Transliteration by Sikh Research and Education Center]
* [http://www.sarbloh.info/htmls/durbar_dasam4.html www.sarbloh.info]




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