Yavatmal Majlis

Yavatmal Majlis

Yavatmal Majlis is a district place in the state of Maharashtra, India. Due to high altitude, Yavatmal enjoys beautiful weather all year round. Also, the district has a good furtile land making it conducive for cotton farming. Even after all the civic development, Yavatmal has done well in holding on to its traditions.

About Yavatmal Majlis

One of the oldest, yet most versatile, tradition of Yavatmal has been the majlis organized by Shia Ismaili Community every year in winter. Ever since its commemoration in the later years of 19th century, Yavatmal Majlis has had a rather chequered past. There have been times when the majlis got suspended for years in a row. However, the well wishers got together and reinstated the Majlis.

Several people from Akola Bazar come to attend this majlis. Akola Bazar is a very famous town in Yavatmal district and is a major business hub.


The whole idea of having a majlis to bring all the members of the community on one platform and mingle. To build on it, this majlis, which typically lasts for 3 days, also is a good venue for match making. Engagements and weddings make the heart of the celebrations. Local dances, like rasuda and dandiyaraas, are also organized by the community to make the most of the time.

Key data

Celebrated 86th Majlis in 2006.Turn out: More than 5000 people.Profile: Mostly Indians, but many foreigners come to enjoy the event.

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