Treaty of Frankfurt (1489)

Treaty of Frankfurt (1489)

The Treaty of Frankfurt was signed on July 22, 1489 at Frankfurt between Maximilian of Austria and the envoys of King Charles VIII of France. Based on the terms of the peace agreement, King Charles agreed to promote reconciliation between Maximilian and the Flemish rebels. Moreover, he surrendered the French-occupied towns in Brittany to Duchess Anne of Brittany on the condition that Duchess Anne remove all English forces from the duchy. [Currin, p. 888. "At Frankfurt on 22 July, Maximilian thus concluded a treaty of peace with the envoys of Charles VIII, in which the King of France, among other things, agreed to promote reconciliation between Maximilian and the Flemish rebels and to surrender the French-occupied towns in Brittany to Duchess Anne as soon as she had expelled all English troops from the duchy".]



*Currin, John M. "Persuasions to Peace: The Luxembourg-Marigny-Gaguin Embassy and the State of Anglo-French Relations, 1489-90". The English Historical Review. Oxford University Press, 1998.

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