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Answers in Creation

Answers in Creation (AIC) is a non-profit web-based Christian apologetics ministry with a focus on challenging the science portrayed by Young Earth Creationism and its proponents. Answers in Creation claims to hold a "literal interpretation" of the first chapters of the Book of Genesis while at the same time fully accepting secular science techniques at dating the age of the universe and the scientific theory of evolution. The organization challenges young Earth proponents not only on scientific grounds, but theological ones as well, disputing claims that a belief in an old Earth is incompatible with Christianity.

Answers In Creation is a privately held organization based in Ohio. Started in 2003 by Greg Neyman, it has steadily grown in readership to become one of the most visited Old Earth creationism websites. In 2007, its website is averaging over 17,000 visitors per month. [ What Is Answers In Creation?] . Accessed Mar. 12, 2007]


Answers In Creation describes their biblical hermeneutical method as "literal". Their main belief is that you can believe in a "literal" Bible and an old earth, without any conflicts between science and the Bible.:

:Because God created the earth, we should be able to look at His creation, and determine its age. After all, if God is truth, and He created the world, then the world will truthfully tell it’s age when we examine it. When scientists examine God’s creation, it gives overwhelming evidence that it is billions of years old, therefore that must be the truth…after all, God’s creation cannot lie.

The main focus of Answers In Creation is to provide rebuttals to the scientific claims of young earth creationism which are widely regarded as a pseudoscience. To this end, Answers In Creation attempts to provide rebuttals for the various claims found on young earth creationist websites. These sites focus mainly upon four different young earth ministries: Answers in Genesis, Creation Ministries International, Institute for Creation Research, and Creation Science Evangelism. Reviews of books promoting young Earth creationism are also posted.

The Answers In Creation website is divided topically by young earth ministry, and cross-topics for subject areas such as geology, biology, and astronomy are provided. The organization plans to provide rebuttals to all web-based young earth creation science materials as part of their effort to obtain top ranking among search engines. [ [ The Monthly Newsletter of Answers In Creation] . March 2006 (Volume 2, Number 3)]


Answers In Creation fully accepts (with limitations) the teaching of modern science, and incorporates that teaching into the Biblical account of creation. Although the founder of Answers in Creation believes in progressive creationism, all forms of old earth creationism are accepted, including gap creationism and theistic evolution. [ [ FAQ] . Answers in Creation. Accessed Nov. 14, 2006] Answers In Creation believes that no matter what form of creationism you believe in, it is acceptable with the Genesis account of creation.

The Bible does not say "Believe in a young earth and be saved." What matters is what you do with Jesus, not what you believe about the creation. Old earth belief varies, but the central issue in it all is Jesus Christ. In fact, you can believe in evolution (theistic evolutionist) and be a fundamentalist at the same time. There is no conflict between conservative Christianity and old earth belief.

This is not to say that they deny the role of a literal interpretation of Genesis. Answers In Creation claims that you can believe in a literal Genesis, and still believe in an old earth using for example, a framework or day-age creationism approach.

On cosmology and astronomy

Answers In Creation believes that the universe was created about 13.7 billion years ago through the Big Bang. They dispute the young earth claim that the earth and stars were only created about 6,000 years ago. [ [ Astronomy and Creation Science] ]

On geology and Earth sciences

Answers In Creation teaches that the earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago, just as secular geologists claim. This belief is not seen to be in conflict with the Biblical account of creation by Old Earth Creationists.

Answers In Creation believes that Noah's flood was a local flood event occurring only in the Middle East, where all mankind was based. Answers In Creation sees the world's rock layers as evidence of slow deposition over millions of years, and strongly disputes the pseudoscience of flood geology. [Greg Neyman. " [ Stratigraphy and the Young Earth Global Flood Model - Part 1] ." Jan. 26, 2003]

On evolution

While Answers In Creation is "mainly a Progressive Creationist website," they teach that

as Billy Graham points out one can believe in evolution and be a born-again Christian [] . These believers are often referred to as "Theistic Evolutionists". Although theistic evolutionists vary in their positions, from conservative to liberal, there is no reason why a theistic evolutionist cannot be very conservative, believing in an inerrant Bible. It is possible to be a fundamentalist and an evolutionist. [ [ Noah's Ark and Creation Science ] ]

Many articles on the site are written by theistic evolutionists.

Death and suffering before sin

It is Answers In Creation's belief that the fossil record provides irrefutable proof that there was death prior to Adam's sin. [Greg Neyman. " [ Death Before the Fall of Man] ." Jan. 28, 2003] Answers In Creation believes that death prior to sin does not violate any Biblical teachings, and belief in death before sin presents no problems for the Christian believer.


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* [ Institute for Creation Research]

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