Ball and chain

Ball and chain

A ball and chain is a physical restraint device historically used on prisoners.

Ball and chain may also refer to:
* a physical restraint consisting of a large, heavy metal ball with a chain attached to a prisoner's leg by a manacle.
* a significant other, usually pejoratively, derived from the reference above.
* Flail (weapon), a medieval weapon with a spiked ball attached to a handle by a chain.
* Ball & Chain, a 2004 romantic comedy written by Thomas Mortimer
* Ball & Chain (film), starring Kal Penn.
* "Ball and Chain (Social Distortion song)", a 1990 song by Social Distortion from their album "Social Distortion"
* "Ball and Chain (Big Mama Thornton song)", a song by Big Mama Thornton, covered by Janis Joplin and Big Brother and the Holding Company.
* "Make This Love Right", a single by house music producer Romanthony.
* "Ball and Chain", a song by Colin Moulding with XTC.
* "Ball and Chain", a song by Elton John from his 1982 album "Jump Up!", also released as a single.
* "Ball and Chain", a song by the band Sublime.
* "Ball and Chain", a song by Poison from their 1990 album "Flesh and Blood".
* "Lucky Ball and Chain", a song by They Might Be Giants from their 1990 album "Flood".
* "Ball And Chain", a song by Murder By Death from their album Red Of Tooth And Claw.

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