Fallout (Jericho episode)

Fallout (Jericho episode)

Infobox Jericho episode
Title = Fallout

Series = Jericho
Season = 1
Episode = 2
Airdate = September 27 2006
Production =
Writer = Stephen Chbosky
Director = Jon Turteltaub
Guests = Alicia Coppola, Darby Stanchfield, Bob Stephenson, Richard Speight Jr., Beth Grant, Vic Polizos, Clare Carey, Jonno Roberts, Aaron Hendry, Candace Bailey, Kristen Rodriguez, Jeff De Serrano, Todd Giebenhain, April D. Parker, Sterling Ardrey, Geffri Maya Hightower, Chris Foreman, Julia Flint, Musashi Alexander [http://www.thefutoncritic.com/listings.aspx?id=20060905cbs05 CBS press release at The Futon Critic] ]
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Next = Four Horsemen
MorseCode = ·--- · ·-· ·· -·-· ···· --- ··-· ·- ·-·· ·-·· ---
Translation = JERICHO FALLO
"Fallout" is the second episode of season one of the CBS drama "Jericho". It received a rating of 11.47 million viewers.

Plot synopsis

The residents of Jericho are threatened by an incoming rainstorm carrying radioactive fallout that will reach the town in two hours. They take cover in their houses and the town's two fallout shelters. Meanwhile, Emily, her SUV having broken down the previous night, flags down a police cruiser being driven by two sheriff's deputies, from whom she learns about the nuclear explosion in Denver, Colorado. She agrees to help them find a place to get some gas. Emily is unaware that the deputies are really two escaped prisoners – probably from the crashed prison bus – who have stashed the real officers in the trunk; but she is unsettled by their odd demeanor and a prominent tattoo on one's neck.

As the shelter underneath the town hall fills up, Jake is forced to quickly prepare the dilapidated shelter underneath the medical center for other survivors. When a ventilation fan there malfunctions, he decides to move the survivors to an abandoned salt mine. Elsewhere, his brother Eric Green flexes his leadership muscle to convince everyone at Mary's bar, many of them out-of-towners, to head to the shelters while Dale, mourning the death of his mother in Atlanta, Georgia, takes refuge with Skylar, a girl who fears that her parents in New York City may have been killed as well.

Robert Hawkins, who originally warned the town of the incoming fallout-laden storm, discloses that he had been a police officer in St. Louis, Missouri and had learned about the effects of radioactive fallout during homeland security training after the September 11, 2001, attacks. He finds a weak signal broadcasting Morse code over the radio and transcribes the message, which visibly disturbs him, though he tells a passing Gail that he could not get the radio to work. Gail finds her husband unconscious on the floor of his office. It isn't immediately apparent what has happened to him.

At the Richmond farm, Emily and the fugitives wait for Bonnie Richmond's brother, Stanley, to return to unlock the fuel pump. Emily soon discovers who the prisoners are and calls for help on their police radio. After getting a group of survivors settled in the abandoned mine and sealing the opening with explosives, Jake races to rescue Emily just as the convicts come out of the house to confront her. Jake and Emily shoot and kill the convicts, and then he, Emily, Bonnie, and the freed deputies find shelter in the farm's storm cellar just as the storm hits.

At the end of the episode, Hawkins is alone with a map of the United States. He takes five push pins from a drawer and places them on the following cities: Denver, Colorado; Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and San Diego, California. He is shown picking up at least three more pins, but it is not revealed what cities they represent.

Fallout shelters

* The town of Jericho has two primary large-capacity fallout shelters: one with a capacity for 300 people under the town hall, the other under the hospital. Mayor Green suggests that people with storm cellars use them because the large fallout shelters could not hold the entire town's population of about 6,000.

* There is an abandoned salt mine outside of the town. A mine is arguably a man-made cave, which is an acceptable alternative to a basement or other constructed underground shelter facility.

Morse code

The first Morse code message that Hawkins picks up on the ham radio is "DELTA CODE DELTA 2 MINUTE WARNING". The second message is "SCORE REMAINS SCORELESS". Hawkins receives a third message in Morse code that viewers cannot hear, but Hawkins transcribes it and is later seen reading it while he pins the cities on the map. It is presumed that the message was a list of cities thought to have been attacked.


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* [http://jerichowiki.cbs.com/page/1.02+Fallout "Fallout" at CBS.com]

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