Roarke is the husband of Lt. Eve Dallas. Together, they are the main characters from the "In Death" series, a futuristic (circa 2058 AD) romance-mystery series by J.D. Robb, pseudonym for NY Times best-selling author Nora Roberts. A former career criminal, he is the owner and CEO of Roarke Industries, an inter-planetary corporation that has made him one of the richest men in the world.

Character basis

Roarke is in his mid-thirties; he is an immigrant from Dublin, Ireland; in NYC, he is the CEO of Roarke Industries, and one of the richest men in the world, possibly the richest.

He owns an old mansion off of Central Park that he remodeled to his specifications with very high tech security. Also in the home is his own personal collection of firearms, which are illegal in 2058 unless one possesses a collector's license. Roarke also owns maces, swords, daggers, medieval armor, and other assorted weapons. He is quite skilled in electronics and can dismantle any type of security, lock, or coding, as well as hacking into any electronic database—including but not limited to the FBI, Interpol, and Homeland Security.

He convinces Eve to move in with him in "Glory in Death" and then proposes at the end of the book. Roarke's house officially becomes a home once Eve moves in, and after this, Roarke is happiest at home rather than traveling. He also enjoys helping Eve with her cases, finding the role reversal quite entertaining.

Official Statistics
* Date of Birth: October 6, 2024
* Residence: 222 Central Park West
* Roarke Industries Headquarters: 500 Fifth Avenue
* Established Roarke Industries in 2042

Eve's computer in "Naked in Death" actually lists his birth to be in 2023, making Roarke's apparent age 34, but as Roarke discovers in "Portrait in Death", his official record makes him one year younger than he actually is. Therefore he is really 33. Additionally, October 6 is an estimate; apparently Roarke simply picked this date as he knew he was born in the first week of October, as he tells Delia.

Roarke has a conversation with Summerset that indicates that at one point in time, Roarke had wanted to get rid of his name, as he did not like being connected with his father. Summerset convinces him to keep it and make it his own, but as seen in the "In Death" books, Roarke is only known as Roarke, a name that should be his surname, and has no apparent given name.

Physical characteristics

Eve looks up his statistics in "Naked in Death". They are as follows:

* Height: 6 feet, 2 inches
* Age: appromixately 34 years old (but see above)
* Weight: 173 pounds
* Eye color: blue
* Hair color: black

His black hair is long enough that he can and has tied it back.


Roarke appears to be very even-tempered, but he does in fact have a very nasty temper if riled. He does not lash out indiscriminately, however, and usually is only angry when the situation calls for it. He has his own personal sense of justice separate from legality; if he believes something should be done, he will do it, even if it is illegal. A case in point is the revenge murders he commits for the rape and murder of Summerset's daughter.

He wanted money because it gave him security, and makes no compunctions about enjoying its benefits. Roarke has a very nice mansion, tastefully but expensively decorated, particularly since Roarke has a fondness of antique furniture, old master paintings, and in general, anything with a past to it. This is, as Roarke dryly comments to Mira, because he has no real past of his own.

In addition, he can use the money to buy clothing (which he likes very much) for both himself and his wife. In particular, he enjoys dressing his fashion-unconscious wife, much to her distaste. Roarke also gives Eve as many gifts as he can possibly get away with, justifying it because he wants to make up for everything she was not given before.

When Eve is semi-living with him in "Glory in Death", Roarke decides to get rid of the last remaining illegal businesses he has out of a desire to not make her life difficult. His illegal activity is mostly restricted to conducting illegal searches if he feels it necessary, and occasionally carrying illegal weapons with him (only police officers are allowed to carry stunners, but he has several).

Roarke's greatest and most impossible desire is to take revenge for Eve, impossible because the perpetrator, her father, is already dead. Her nightmares cause him immense suffering because he knows that they will never fully go away, as her father can never truly be beaten. That said, he is given a minor chance at reprisal when he discovers that in "Divided in Death" that the Homeland Security organization knew that Eve was with and being raped by her father, but instead recommended a course of nonaction. Roarke wants to hunt down and kill the people who made and complied with the order, but does not because Eve says she won't be able to handle it if he does. It is likely his largest concession to Eve.

Children are not likely to happen any time soon. Though Roarke has expressed a desire, the simple fact is that neither of them is ready.


Roarke grew up in the slums of Dublin, Ireland, directly after the last and worst part of the series' fictional "Urban Wars", a period of unrest, violence, and corruption. Roarke believed his mother to be his father's wife, Meg Roarke, an abusive woman who lived with his father, Patrick Roarke and walked out on him when the young boy was five. In reality, his mother was an eighteen year-old woman named Siobhan Brody, who Patrick beat to death after she ran away with Roarke.

Roarke is ten when he first meets Summerset and Summerset's eight year old daughter, Marlena. The father and daughter typically run cons. Shortly after their meeting, according to Roarke's account in "Immortal in Death", Patrick beats Roarke almost to death and leaves him for dead. Summerset, who had medical training, saves and helps Roarke recover.

When Roarke is twelve, he finds out that his father has been murdered; he immediately heads down to the alley where the death supposedly occurred. Patrick Roarke is indeed dead, stabbed in the throat, an apparent victim of a mugging. Roarke checks his father's pockets and leaves.

It is revealed in "Portrait in Death" that the killing was not random. In fact Summerset killed Patrick, a fact he confirms only to Eve, who has guessed it. As of "Memory in Death", Roarke still does not know that Summerset killed Patrick. Summerset's motivation was to protect Roarke.

When Roarke is sixteen, his gambling operation is earning a very high profit, too high for a competing group. Marlena confesses her love to Roarke and offers herself to him; horrified, Roarke rejects her and sends her away, thinking she would go back to her room. Instead, Marlena leaves the house and is captured by the competing group, and six men rape and torture her until she dies. They then drop off her body at Summerset's doorstep in the morning. When Roarke and Summerset call the police, they discover that the police have been bought off and will not pursue the case. Roarke thus takes his own justice by murdering those six men over a three year period.

Roarke founds Roarke Industries in 2042, when he is (supposedly) nineteen years old. Presumably he must have immigrated to America by this point in time.

Further detailed information—at least in terms of years—is given throughout the books, revealing that Roarke worked as a pickpocket as a child (he sometimes takes Eve's badge from her without her knowledge to tease her) and as an adult, a thief of very expensive jewels.

Roarke has left most of his friends behind; he has one who tends a bar in Dublin, and another dies in "Betrayal in Death". Many others have died or are unknown to him by the time the In Death books occur. With that, Eve's friends are also his friends.

Continuity errors

In "Divided in Death", it is revealed that Richard Troy picks up Patrick Roarke at the airport in Dallas shortly before Troy dies, on May 13th, 2036. Eve is eight when she kills Troy; Roarke declares 'prior to finding out his real age' that he was twelve when his father dies which he would be because he would turn thirteen ( actually he turns twelve) after Troy dies. However, in 2036, Roarke is supposedly thirteen, making it an error on the part of either Roarke's memory or the author.

***Since Roarke's b-day is in Oct he would not turn 13 until then so in May he would in fact still be 12

In "Vengeance in Death", Roarke tells Eve how he met Summerset and Marlena working as a father-daughter pair of con artists, and occasionally worked with them. Sometime after, Roarke's father nearly kills him, and Summerset is the one to heal him. However, in "Memory in Death", he says that after Summerset healed him, Roarke thought he was an easy target, and tried to steal from him, which Summerset quickly stopped. If "Vengeance" is true, it does not make any sense that Roarke would then try to steal from a man he had been working with, however it could also have been that Roarke targeted Summerset as a mark, and tried lull him into complacency by gaining his trust.

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