Remedy UK

Remedy UK

Remedy UK is a pressure group representing junior doctors in the United Kingdom. The organisation was set up by four junior doctors in 2007 to campaign against UK government-led medical training reforms known as Modernising Medical Careers(MMC) and their implementation through the Medical Training Application Service (MTAS). Remedy UK was created in response to what was perceived to be an insufficiently robust response by the official doctors' trade union, the BMA, and professional associations (Royal Colleges of Medicine).

Despite its relative infancy Remedy UK currently have over 13,000 individuals on its email database, although its actual paid membership through subscriptions are thought to be less than a 1000 individuals. Remedy UK campaigns as a grassroots doctors' organisation.


Remedy UK have mounted a number of high profile campaigns against Modernising Medical Careers.

# Early Day Motion - an Early day motion explicitly backing RemedyUK's concerns about MMC and MTAS has been signed by 127 Members of Parliament [ [ UK Parliament Early Day Motion 737, 2006-2007 Session] ]
# March in March - on the 17th of March 2007 Remedy UK organised the largest public protest by doctors in British History. An estimated 12,000 junior doctors marched from the headquarters of the Royal College of Physicians to the offices of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in London. A parallel protest was organised on the same day in Glasgow.
# Mass Lobby of Parliament - on the 24th of April 2007 Remedy UK organised a mass lobby of the UK parliament in Westminster attended by hundreds of doctors. This aimed to directly pressure individual MPs and to raise awareness of the issues surrounding recent reforms to medical training in the UK.
# Judicial Review - Remedy UK launched a judicial review in May 2007 challenging the legality of MTAS and MMC in court. Justice Goldring did not rule in favour of Remedy UK but in his summary described the reforms as "disastrous" and suggested that individual doctors cases should be open to scrutiny by employment tribunals.


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