Jones Soda flavor list

Jones Soda flavor list

Jones Soda is a Seattle (Washington, USA) based popular premium carbonated soft drink, known for its unusual flavors and labels. Currently, 64 flavors have been sold.

Jones Soda Co: The Original Six Flavors


easonal/Limited Edition Flavors

***Turkey & Gravy
***Turkey & Gravy
***Mashed Potatoes & Butter
***Green Bean Casserole
***Fruit Cake
**2005 (National Pack)
***Turkey & Gravy
***Brussels Sprout with Prosciutto
***Wild Herb Stuffing
***Pumpkin Pie
**2005 (Regional Pack)
***Turkey & Gravy
***Broccoli Casserole
***Salmon Pâté
***Corn on the Cob
***Pecan Pie
***Turkey & Gravy
***Sweet Potato
***Dinner Roll
**2006 (Dessert Pack)
***Cherry Pie
***Banana Cream Pie
***Key Lime Pie
***Apple Pie
***Blueberry Pie
**Sugar Plum
**Candy Cane
**Egg Nog
*Valentine's Day
**Love Potion #6 (as opposed to Love Potion No. 9)
**8 oz. Cans
***Candy Corn
***Strawberry S'lime
***Scary Berry Lemonade
***Caramel Apple
***Spider Cider
***Berried Alive
***Gruesome Grape
***Sour Lemon Drop Dead
**2006 Halloween 12 oz. Bottle Flavors
***Lemon Drop Dead
***Creepy Cranberry
***Monster Mojito
**2007 Halloween 12 oz. bottle Flavors
***Black Cat Licorice
***Dread Licorice (a Pun on Red Licorice)
***Monster Mojito
*Seahawks Collector Pack
***Natural Field Turf
***Sweet Victory
***Sports Cream
** 2007 Holiday 12 oz. bottle flavors
*** Gingerbread Man
*** Christmas Cocoa
*** Candy Cane ('repeat' from 2006)
*** Egg Nog (part of 'Christmas Pack', 'repeat' from 2006)
*** Sugar Plum (part of 'Christmas Pack', 'repeat' from 2006)
*** Christmas Ham (part of 'Christmas Pack')
*** "Christmas Tree" (part of 'Christmas Pack')
*** Chocolate coins (part of 'Chanukah Pack')
*** Applesauce (part of 'Chanukah Pack')
*** Jelly Doughnut (part of 'Chanukah Pack')
*** Latke (part of 'Chanukah Pack')

The 'Christmas Ham' flavor was first created internally, years ago, by the company as a favor for "The David Letterman Show" where it was originally called "Big Ass Canned Ham Soda". Only a few of these bottles still exist and three separate labels featuring various parts of a live pig were made. When the idea was pitched to make the flavor available as a special-run flavor, the company vetoed it, stating it was "doubtful" anyone would want to purchase it.

Rare/Limited Run Sodas

*Jingle Lime Soda
*Jingle Berry Soda
*Jingle Blue Bubble Gum Soda
*Jingle Cream Soda
*Big Ass Canned Ham Soda
*Road Kill Soda
*Billy Pop
*Pure Cane Ginger Ale
*Club Soda
*Red Line Root Beer

Unusual Flavors

*Chocolate Fudgio candy corn banna fruit blasting explosion from the planet of"spiders will eat your young"
*Peachy Keen
*FuFu Berry
*Pineapple Upside Down
*Invisible (no flavor Listed, just a photograph)
*Bug Juice
*Silly slave
*candy corn

Natural Jones Soda

*Lemon Ginger
*Root Beer
*Peach Ginseng

Ordinary Flavors

*Root Beer
*Fruit Punch
*Cream Soda
*Vanilla Cola
*Orange And Cream
*Mf Grape
*Blue Bubblegum
*Berry Lemonade
*Blueberry Pomegranate
*Crushed Melon
*Green Apple
*Lemon Drop
*Strawberries and Cream
*Pure Cane Cola
*Twisted Lime
*Pure Cane Lemon Lime

ugar Free Jones Soda

*Sugar Free Black Cherry
*Sugar Free Root Beer
*Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge
*Sugar Free Berries and Cream
*Sugar Free Cream Soda
*Sugar Free Ginger Ale
*Sugar Free Pink Grapefruit
*Sugar Free Green Apple
*Sugar Free Cola
*Slim Root Beer
*Slim Lime Cola
*Slim Fu Fu Berry
*Slim Cream Soda
*Slim Orange Soda

Jones Energy Drinks

*8 oz. Original Jones Energy
*1 oz. Whoopass Energy Shot
*8 oz. Whoopass Energy
*8 oz. Jones Energy Lime
*8 oz. Jones Energy Mixed Berry
*8 oz. Jones Energy Orange
*16 oz. Big Ol' Can of Whoopass
*16 oz. Jones Energy
*16 oz. Jones Sugar Free Energy

Jones Organics Flavors

*Strawberry White Tea
*Cherry White Tea
*Berry Green Tea
*Mandarin Green Tea
*Tropical Red Tea
*Peach Red Tea

Naturals Flavors

*Bohemian Raspberry (a pun on "Bohemian Rhapsody")
*Berry White (a pun on Barry White)
*Bada Bing!
*D'Peach Mode (a pun on Depeche Mode)
*Limes With Orange (a pun on the fact that nothing rhymes with the word "orange")
*Strawberry Manilow (a pun on singer Barry Manilow)
*Fu Cran Fu (a pun on Fu Manchu)
*Açai = MC²

=Jones Juice Flavors=
*Fu Cran Fu
*Berry White
*Purple Carrot

24C Enhanced Water

*Berry Pomegranate
*Lemon Lime
*Cranberry Apple
*Tropical Citrus
*Peach Mango
*Mandarin Orange
*berry lemonade
*martin soda
*Raising rocket

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