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Origin = Athens, Greece
Genre = hip hop, low bap
Years_active = 1992 - present
Label = Warner, 8ctagon
Current_members = B.D.Foxmoor, Sadahzinia
Past_members = DJ Booker, DJ MCD, Real D, Xray

Active Member is a Greek hip-hop/low bap group, founded in 1992 by Michalis Mitakidis (a.k.a. B.D.Foxmoor),Nikitas Klint (a.k.a X-Ray) and Dimitris Kritikos (a.k.a. DJ MCD).


Being the first Greek hip-hop group to release an album, Active Member had dominated the hip-hop scene in Greece for many years. Although the genre had already existed for more than a decade, it was still unknown to the majority of Greeks in the early 90s. However, the group redefined their music in 1995 with the release of the record "To Megalo Kolpo" (The Big Trick). Their newly founded sub-genre has since then been called "Low Bap" and it is characterized by the slow bass, rhythm, and the emphasis on lyrics in the songs.

Presently, the group is one of the most widely recognised in Greece, staying away from the rest of the Greek hip-hop scene though. They are deeply involved in the music industry and community, including organizing events such as the annual Low Bap Festival in Athens. They also encourage the youth to enter the scene, and have released records comprised by demo songs sent to them by new performers.


The members of the group have changed throughout the years, but B.D.Foxmoor has always been the lead singer and the nucleus of the group. Today, the group is made up of B.D.Foxmoor and female rapper Sadahzinia.


#diamartyria (Protest) (Freestyle Productions, LP 1993)
#sthn ora ton skion (In the Hour of the Shadows) (Freestyle Productions, LP, 1994)
#to megalo kolpo (The Big Game) (Warner, CD/LP, 1995)
#Akoy mana (Listen Up, Mother) (Warner, promo maxi 12",1995)
#Prosfygas (Refugee) (Warner, promo maxi 12",1996)
#Apo ton topo tis fygis (From Run Away Land) (Warner, CD/2LP, 1996
#Gia t'aderfia poy xathikan noris (Dedicated to the Lost Brothers) (Warner, CD single, 1997)
#Oi mythi toy valtoy (Myths from the Moor) (Warner, CD/2LP, 1998)
#Mere paraxenes, thaymasies meres (Weird Days, Beautiful Days) (Warner, CD, 2000)
#Live/Remix (Warner, 2CD, 2000)
#Ston kairo toy allokotoy fovoy (In Times of Weird Fear) (Warner, CD/2LP, 2001)
#2/12/2002 (Warner, CD single, 2002)
#Perasma sto akroniro (Passage to the Edge of a Dream) (Warner, CD, 2002)
#Fiera (Warner, CD, 2004)
#Ap'to megalo kolpo sti Fiera (From 'Big Game' to 'Fiera') (Warner, CD, 2005)
#Blah-Blasphemy (8ctagon, CD+DVD, 2005)
#Skieratsa (including: Blah-Blasphemy 2, Vathiskiota (Deep Shadowed), Apnoia) (8ctagon, 3CD, 2006)

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