Flog It!

Flog It!

"Flog It!" (2002 - ) is a television series broadcast on the BBC, presented by Paul Martin. (Regular expert Kate Bliss has also hosted the show on occasion). The show follows the same kind of formula as "Antiques Roadshow", with members of the public bringing their antiques to be viewed and valued by a team of experts. However, unlike "Antiques Roadshow", they are then given the option to sell their items at an auction. The "Flog It!" guests are less coy than their "Antiques Roadshow" equivalents about making a buck from their family heirlooms.


Every show, seven lots are auctioned off, with a large age and price range. However, the prices generally do not exceed a few thousand pounds, unlike "Antiques Roadshow". It has been remarked on the show more than once that the works of Clarice Cliff, Rene Lalique and Moorcroft appear rather too often.


On each show, valuations are carried out by two experts and, sometimes, by Martin himself. Experts that have featured on the show include David Barby, Kate Bliss, Adam Partridge, Nigel Smith, Philip Serrell and Catherine Southon, some of whom have also appeared as the auctioneer and in other antiques-related BBC programmes such as "Bargain Hunt" and "Cash in the Attic".


Like the "Antiques Roadshow", the programme travels around the country. Presenter Martin always takes the time to investigate an aspect of the local culture. The auction usually takes place in an auction house in the same area.

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