Whitehead can refer to:


* Alan Whitehead, a British Member of Parliament
* Alfred North Whitehead (1861–1947), a British philosopher and mathematician
* Axle Whitehead (b. 1980), 2003 Australian Idol contestant
* Cortlandt Whitehead (1842–), bishop
* Colson Whitehead (b. 1969), author
* Commander Edward Whitehead (1908–1978), spokesperson and later president of Schweppes [http://www.tvacres.com/admascots_commander_whitehead.htm]
* Ennis Clement Whitehead (1895–1964), Lieutenant General U.S. Air Force [http://www.arlingtoncemetery.net/ecwhiteh.htm]
* Frederick Whitehead, British painter.
* George William Whitehead, mathematician
* Gustave Whitehead, German–American aviation pioneer, reportedly made first U.S. powered manned flight in 1901
* James Whitehead, game developer
* John Whitehead (1929-1995), caligrapher of the Canadian proclamation 1982
* John Whitehead (explorer) (1860–1899), English explorer and naturalist.
* J. Gordon Whitehead, Contributed to the death of Houdini
* J. H. C. Whitehead, British mathematician and nephew of A. N. Whitehead
* John C. Whitehead, statesman, philanthropist
* Joseph Whitehead (1814–1894), Canadian railway pioneer
* Joseph Whitehead (Congressman) (1867–1938), lawyer, politician, member of the United States House of Representatives from Virginia (1925–1930)
* Robert Whitehead, English engineer — entrepreneur, built first automobile torpedoes in the 1860s
* Thomas Whitehead, member of the United States House of Representatives from Virginia (1873-1875)
* William Whitehead (1715-1785), Poet Laureate
* William Adee Whitehead (1810–1884), historian


* Canada:
** Whitehead, Nova Scotia, on Tor Bay

* Northern Ireland
** Whitehead, County Antrim, a village

* United States:
** Cape Whitehead, Cumberland County, Maine 43.3844N 70.1131W
** Lake Whitehead, Reservoir Napa County, California 38.3529N 122.2755W
** Whitehead, Alabama, Lauderdale County, Alabama 34.5317N 87.1938W
** Whitehead, Mississippi, Tallahatchie County, Mississippi 33.5055N 90.1755W
** Whitehead, North Carolina, Alleghany County, North Carolina 36.2802N 81.0910W
** Whitehead, Tennessee, Marshall County, Tennessee 35.2848N 86.4719W
** Whitehead, Texas, Hunt County, Texas 32.5205N 96.1536W


* A non inflamed pore blocked with sebum, a symptom of acne vulgaris
* Whitehead (bird) is a passerine bird.
* Capo Bianco (capoccia), or "white head", a boss with white hair, mafia
* USS Whitehead (1861–1865), Civil War, 136-ton screw steam gunboat
* John C. Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University

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