Watchman or Watchmen can refer to:

*Security guard, a person who watches over and protects property, assets, or people
*Watchmen (law enforcers), a more dated term from medieval times for those who watched and guarded
*"Watchmen", an acclaimed 1986 Alan Moore comic book limited series
** "Watchmen" (film), the planned film adaptation of the comic book
*Sony Watchman, a line of portable television devices produced by Sony
*Watchman Island, a small sandstone island in the Waitemata Harbour of Auckland, New Zealand
*The Watchmen, a 1990s Canadian rock band
*The Watchmen (novel), a novel by John Altman.
*The Watchmen (Robert Crais novel), a Elvis Cole novel.
*"Watchman" (novel), a 1988 thriller novel by Ian Rankin.
*Watchman camera, a system of cameras for controlling traffic and deterring speeding in the United Kingdom
*"The Watchman" (1796), a periodical established and edited by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

ee also

*Vigilante, Spanish for watchman; a person not affiliated with the government who enforces their own justice
*Night watchman

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  • watchman — (n.) also watch man, c.1400, guard, sentinel, lookout (late 12c. as a surname), figuratively guardian, protector (mid 15c.), from WATCH (Cf. watch) (n.) + MAN (Cf. man) (n.). Also person characterized by wakefulness (mid 15c.) …   Etymology dictionary

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