Unified Command (ICS)

Unified Command (ICS)

In Incident Command System, a Unified Command is one way to carry out command in which responding agencies and/or jurisdictions with responsibility for the incident share incident management.

A Unified Command may be needed for incidents involving:
*Multiple jurisdictions.
*A single jurisdiction with multiple agencies sharing responsibility.
*Multiple jurisdictions with multi-agency involvement.

If a Unified Command is needed, Incident Commanders representing agencies or jurisdictions that share responsibility for the incident manage the response from a single Incident Command Post. A Unified Command allows agencies with different legal, geographic, and functional authorities and responsibilities to work together effectively without affecting individual agency authority, responsibility, or accountability. Under a Unified Command, a single, coordinated Incident Action Plan will direct all activities. The Incident Commanders will supervise a single Command and General Staff organization and speak with one voice.

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