Tabitha may refer to:


*, hip hop choreographer

Fictional characters

* Tabitha Stephens, daughter of Samantha and Darrin in the American television sitcom "Bewitched" (her name was spelled "Tabatha" throughout the first five seasons of the series).
* "Tabitha", a "Bewitched" spin-off centering around Tabitha Stephens, daughter of "Bewitched" main character Samantha Stephens.
* Tabitha, character in the videogame, "Tales Of Symphonia"
* Tabitha, a character in the DS game "".
* Moody pharm tech in the movie "Yeager".
* Tabitha, Team Magma Admin from the popular Pokémon game franchise.
* Tabitha, one of the goosebumps books/show.Fact|date=March 2008
* Tabitha, one of the grudge in Scary Movie 3.
* Tabitha Holswatz, more commonly known as "Tabby", a character on Monster Warriors.
* Tabitha Lenox, fictional character on the NBC daytime drama "Passions"
* Tabitha Smith, Marvel comic book superhero
* Tabitha Twitchett, Tom Kitten's mother in the books for children by Beatrix Potter.
* Tabitha's Secret, Before Matchbox 20, Rob Thomas lead singer in Tabitha's Secret Rock band.

Other uses

Tabitha is a woman mentioned in the Bible (Acts 9:36).

ee also

* Tabby (disambiguation)

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