Relative can refer to:
*Kinship, the principle binding the most basic social units society. If two people are connected by circumstances of birth, they are said to be "relatives"


*Relativity as a concept in physics (for example Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity)
*Relative angular momentum, astronomy
*Relative density
*Relativity drive, propulsion
*Relative humidity, meteorology/physics
*Relative decibel, acoustics
*Relative effectiveness factor, demolitions
*Relative intensity noise, optics
*Relative motion, kinematics
*Relative permeability, fluid dynamics
*Relative pressure
*Relative thermal resistance
*Relative velocity
*Relative viscosity
*Relative wind, aeronautics


*Relatively complemented lattice, lattice theory
*Relative risk, statistics and epidemiology
*Relative standard deviation, statistics
*Grothendieck's relative point of view, category/scheme theory

*Relatively compact subspace
*Relative homology
*Relative interior


*Knowledge relativity, relativity as a philosophical concept, opposed to absolute


*Relative deprivation, socioeconomics
*Relative price
*Relative return
*Relative strength index
*Relative valuation
*Relative value


*Relative key
*Relative pitch

Popular culture

Film and television
*"Intelligence is Relative, (tag line) 2008 film Burn After Reading
*"Relatively Speaking (play)", 1965 British play
*"Relatively Speaking", late 1980s television game show
*"Everything's Relative", 2000 Japanese anime "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters" episode
*"Relative Values", 2000 film
*"It's All Relative", 2003-4 comedy television series

*"The Relativity of Wrong", 1988 Isaac Asimov essay
*"Relative Heroes", 2000 DC comic book series
*"Time and Relative", 2001 Doctor Who book
*"Relative Dementias", 2002 Doctor Who book series

*"Relative Degree", late 1990s rock band of "Linkin Park" members
*"Friends & Relatives", 1999 compilation album
*"Dead Relatives", 2000 music album by Canadian Emm Gryner
*"Relative Ways", 2001 music album by "...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead"
*Relative Theory Records, 2003 record store in Norfolk, Virginia, USA


*Positive relative accommodation, ophthamalogy
*Relative bearing indicator, aviation
*Relative addressing, computer science
*Relative dating, archaeology, geology
*Relative direction, orientation
*Relative gain (international relations)
*Luminance (relative)
*Relative survival, epidemiology

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