Thor (disambiguation)

Thor (disambiguation)

Thor is the god of thunder in Germanic and Norse paganism

Thor may also refer to:


*Thor Kristinsson, a singer/songwriter and actor from Iceland (
*Jon Mikl Thor, a Canadian heavy metal singer and bodybuilder
*Thor Salden (born 1997), Belgian singer
*Thor (album), an album by the death metal band Hazael
*Thor (band), a Canadian heavy metal band

Theatre, film and TV

*Thor (comics), various characters
*Cameron Thor, film and TV actor
*Phecda Gamma Thor, a character from the anime, "Saint Seiya"
*Thor (Stargate), an extraterrestrial alien character in the science fiction television series "Stargate SG-1"
*"Thor - The Edda Chronicles", an upcoming animated feature scheduled for December 2010

Other people

*Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson (born 1967), an Icelandic businessman and entrepreneur
*K. Thor Jensen, cartoonist, writer, and occasional reality show contestant
*Thor Heyerdahl (1914 - 2002), Norwegian explorer
*Thor Hushovd (born 1978), a Norwegian professional road bicycle racer
*Thor Nis Christiansen (1957 - 1981), a serial killer in California, USA


*le Thor, a town in southern France
*Mount Thor, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada
*Thor, Iowa, a small town in the United States
*Thor's Cave, in the English Peak District

War and technology

*CST Thor, a series of personal computers designed by Cambridge Systems Technology
*German auxiliary cruiser Thor, a German surface raider in the Second World War
*HNoMS Thor, a Royal Norwegian Navy monitor built in 1871
*PGM-17 Thor, an American intermediate range ballistic missile
*Project Thor, a theoretical orbital weapons system designed to launch a kinetic bombardment
*THOR, a type of crash test dummy
*Thor/Summoner, a BattleMech from the BattleTech Universe
*Thor (launch vehicle), a space launch vehicle derived from the PGM-17
*Thor (mortar), a German heavy mortar 600mm, used in World War II
*Marcopolo (renamed Thor), a satellite constellation located at 0.8°W.

ee also

*Thor (comics), various characters in several comics
*Thor Equities, a private equity corporation in New York City

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