Gyrocopter (Warhammer)

Gyrocopter (Warhammer)

In the Warhammer Fantasy world, a Gyrocopter is a small one-Dwarf, steam-powered helicopter, built by the Dwarfs. It is fielded as a unit in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle wargame.

It is seen as an example of and possibly the pinnacle of Dwarven engineering although older and more traditional dwarfs view the idea of flying with a great deal of suspicion; Dwarfs, as a general rule, being happiest when they have solid rock over their heads. Any dwarf that volunteers to travel around hundreds of feet in the air in an "untested contraption" such as a gyrocopter is seen as being just a little strange. Hence, the "Kings Flying Corp" (KFC) which operate them tends to attract the youngest and most adventurous dwarf engineers. It is thought that the instability of the dwarven tunnel system connecting their mountain strongholds and the spread of the "greenskin" menace across the old overland trade routes is thought to have prompted its development. Originally designed to act as couriers and messengers between dwarf holds, an unknown dwarf Lord saw its potential as an army scout and ordered it to be fitted with a small forward-firing cannon and bombs.

Gyrocopters are designed to be as light as possible in order to attain flight and so most of the frame is built of canvas and wood, with thin bands of reinforcing metal. They are powered by a small, lightweight steam engine which uses a chain linkage system to drive the main rotor blades. As a result gyrocopters are lightly armoured and rely on speed and maneuverability to stay out of trouble.

In game

The Gyrocopter is normally used as a so-called "March-blocker" in that is can be easily moved to a position where it interferes with the enemies ability to move his units quickly. Three factors make it a useful unit:

*Speed - the Gyrocopter is a "flyer" which gives it a maximum move of 20 inches on the gaming table, compared to 4 inches for a typical infantry unit.
*Weapon - the weapon is an area weapon (using a template) with a strength of 3.
*Warmachine - as a warmachine, it is placed on the gaming table at the start of the game but after normal troops. Its placement can be in response to the opposing players deployment of his units.

ee also

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