Safe Harbor Dam

Safe Harbor Dam

dam_name= Safe Harbor Dam

official_name= Safe Harbor Hydroelectric Station
crosses= Susquehanna River
reservoir= Lake Clarke
locale= South central Pennsylvania, USA
maint= Safe Harbor Water Power Corporation
length= 4,869 feet (1,484 m)
height= 75 feet (23 m)
began= 1930-04-01
open= 1931-12-07

coordinates= coord|39|55|14|N|76|23|33|W|region:US_type:landmark

The Safe Harbor Dam (also Safe Harbor Hydroelectric Station) is the most northerly, and last constructed of three hydroelectric dams on the lower Susquehanna River. The dam is located just above the confluence of the Conestoga River with the Susquehanna, about 7 miles downstream of Washington Boro, Pennsylvania.

The Safe Harbor planning started in 1929 and construction started 1930-04-01. The dam was completed and closed its gates for the first time on 1931-09-29. The first power was generated on 1931-12-07 and the last of the original seven turbine generator units came on-line on 1940-10-14. Expansion of the generation capacity started planning in 1981. Construction started 1982-04-12 and the the 5 new turbine generator units came on-line between 1985-04-13 and 1986-04-12. Units 1 & 2 generate 25 Hz, single phase power for railroad use, but can be connected to a motor-generator for additional 60 Hz power. The rest of the units generate 60 Hz, three-phase, power. Safe Harbor can generate 417.5 megawatts of hydroelectric power. [cite web |url= |title= Facts & Figures |publisher= Safe Harbor Water Power Corporation |accessdate= 2006-07-22]

On 2001-05-18, President George W. Bush visited the Safe Harbor Hydroelectric plant to expound on his just unveiled National Energy Policy. [cite web |url= |title= GOV. RIDGE JOINS PRESIDENT BUSH TO UNVEIL NATIONAL ENERGY POLICY |accessdate=2006-07-22] [cite web |url= |title= Safe Harbor Power Plant; Where the Environment and Civilization Swim Together |accessdate=2006-07-22] Safe Harbor was chosen as an example of government, corporate and environmental groups working together in energy generation.

"See Conowingo Dam for related environmental issues."

In 2001, Safe Harbor Water Power Corporation won the Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence. The award citation states that Safe Harbor had removed over 11,000 tons of debris from the river and was able to recycle almost all of it. [cite web |url= |title= The 2001 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence |accessdate= 2006-07-22]

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