Spirit and Truth

Spirit and Truth

Infobox Album |
Name = Spirit & Truth
Type = Album
Artist = Hillsong Church

Cover size =
Caption =
Released = ??? 1988
Recorded = ??? Rich Music Studios and EMI Studios 301 Sydney
Genre = Contemporary Christian
Length =
Label = Hillsong Music International
Producer = Peter Beveridge
Compiler = Guy Gray and Peter Beveridge
Chronology = Hillsong Music Australia
Early studio-recorded albums
Last album =
This album = "Spirit and Truth" (1988)
Next album = "Show Your Glory" (1990)

"Spirit and Truth" is a studio-recorded album and was the very first album released by Hillsong Music Australia (called "Hillsong Music International" at the time).

Making of the album

The recording took place at "Rich Music Studios" and "EMI Studios 301 Sydney". It was mixed at "Rich Music Studio" by Guy Gray and Peter Beveridge.

Track listing

# "Heaven Suffers Violence" (Brian Houston)
# "With Your Love" (Geoff Bullock)
# "We're not Looking Back" (Bullock)
# "I Will Life My Voice" (Bullock)
# "We've Come to Worship the Lord" (Bullock)
# "Lift High His Name" (Bullock)
# "The Power of God" (Houston & Bullock)
# "He Is the King" (Bullock)
# "We Will not Bow to the World" (Bullock & Houston)
# "The Heavens Shall Declare" (Bullock)
# "The Lord's Prayer" (Rob Eastwood)

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