Amphoe Bang Krathum

Amphoe Bang Krathum

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Bang Krathum ( _th. บางกระทุ่ม) is a district ("Amphoe") in the Phitsanulok Province, Thailand.


The first element bang (Thai: บาง) means village or settlement. The second element krathum (Thai: กระทุ่ม) means bur-flower tree ("Anthocephalus chinensis").


Neighboring districts are (from the north clockwise) Mueang Phitsanulok and Wang Thong of Phitsanulok Province, Sak Lek, Mueang Phichit, Sam Ngam of Phichit Province. Most of Bang Krathum lies within the Nan Basin, although a narrow strip of land on the west side of the district lies within the Yom Basin. Both basins are part of the Chao Phraya Watershed. The Nan, Wang Thong and Wat Ta Yom Rivers flow through Bang Krathum, and the Yom River forms part of the border between Bang Krathum and Phichit.


The minor district ("King Amphoe") Bang Krathum was upgraded to a full district in 1946. [cite journal|journal=Royal Gazette|volume=63|issue=58 ง|pages=1235–1236|title=ประกาศสำนักนายกรัฐมนตรี เรื่อง ตั้งกิ่งอำเภอบางกระทุ่ม อำเภอเมืองพิษณุโลก ขึ้นเป็นอำเภอ|url=|date=September 3 1946|language=Thai]


The district is subdivided into 9 subdistricts ("tambon"), which are further subdivided into 87 "muban", which are divisions at the village level. Many villages occupy more than one muban. There are two townships ("thesaban tambon") - Bang Krathum covering parts of the "tambon" Bang Krathum, and Noen Kum which covers the complete "tambon" Noen Kum and Wat Ta Yom. There are further 7 Tambon administrative organizations (TAO). [] (Thai)]


Bang Krathum's chief crops are rice, sugar cane, fruits, oranges, tamarinds, cassavas, soy beans and mung beans. [] (Thai)] In Bang Krathum, there are a number of "banana factories" that package an assortment of dried fruits including dried bananas and tamarinds that are sold within Thailand and exported throughout the world. There is also a rather large sugar cane production plant in the district owned by "Phitsanulok Sugar Co., Ltd." [ IPP Awards (Status as of September 2006)] ]


Of the 51 villages that comprise Bang Krathum District, those significant in size as to occupy multiple muban are as follows: [ Ampoe Bang Krathum at] (Thai)]
*Ban Bang Krathum
*Ban Dong Mee
*Ban Grong Greng
*Ban Khok Salut
*Ban Khok Sanam
*Ban Noen Kum
*Ban Sam Ruen
*Ban Sanam Khli
*Ban Tha Makam
*Ban Tha Na
*Ban Tha Tan
*Ban Wat Kwang
*Ban Wat Ta Yom
*Ban Yan Yao


There are 44 Theravada Buddhist temples in the district. At least one, Wat Grung See Jayrin, has a historic chedi.


* Ban Dongphayom Boat Race [ Ban Dongphayom Boat Race at Department of Agriculture Extension] (Thai)]


In 2006, there were reported cases of leptospirosis among residents of Bang Krathum, contracted due to the amount of standing water. [ Leptospirosis kills 31 in past eight months] ]


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