Butterfly (disambiguation)

Butterfly (disambiguation)

A butterfly is a flying insect.

Butterfly or butterflies may also refer to:

* Butterfly (dinghy), a popular one-design single-handed sailboat
* Butterfly (options), a combination option trade strategy
* Butterfly ballot, a type of a ballot that was used in Florida during the 2000 presidential elections
* Butterfly chair, also known as BKF chair
* Butterfly kick, a technique performed in many martial arts
* Butterfly knife, used in certain Filipino martial arts, also known as a Balisong
* Butterfly knot, a loop knot used by climbers
* Butterfly needle, a small needle attached to flexible tubing, and is used to collect blood
* Butterfly stroke, a swimming stroke
* Butterfly style, a goaltender style in ice hockey
* Butterfly valve, one of the components of a throttle body
* Butterfly vibrator, a sex toy
* Butterflies in the stomach, a nervous effect
* Butterflying, a technique in butchery
* The Mirabal sisters, known within their Dominican revolutionary movement as the "Butterflies"
* "Windows Live Butterfly", a group of users selected by the Microsoft Windows Live product team
* Butterfly (corporation), a sporting goods manufacturer specializing in table tennis equipment


* Butterfly (FFT algorithm), in fast Fourier transforms, mathematics
* Butterfly catastrophe, a singularity of codimension 4
* Butterfly curve (algebraic), an algebraic curve of degree six and genus seven
* Butterfly curve (transcendental), a parametric equation discovered by Temple H. Fay
* Butterfly diagram, a portion of a fast Fourier computation that combines the results of smaller discrete Fourier transforms
* Butterfly effect, in chaos theory
* Butterfly theorem in elementary geometry
* BBN Butterfly, a massively parallel computer from the 1980s



*"Butterfly" (Hollies album), a 1967 rock/pop album by The Hollies
*"Butterfly" (Mariah Carey album), a 1997 pop/R&B album by Mariah Carey


*"Butterfly" (1957 song), charting in versions by Andy Williams and Charlie Gracie
*"Butterfly" (Mariah Carey song), a 1997 song by Mariah Carey from the album "Butterfly"
*"Butterfly" (Crazy Town song), a 2001 song by Crazy Town from the album "The Gift of Game"
*"Butterfly" (Danyel Gerard song), a late 1960s song by Danyel Gérard
*"Butterfly" (Kumi Koda song), a 2005 song by Kumi Koda from the album "Best ~first things~"
*"Butterfly" (Kylie Minogue song), a 2001 song by Kylie Minogue from the album "Light Years"
*"Butterfly" (Smile.dk song), a 1998 song by Smile.dk from the album "Smile"
*"Butterfly" (Towa Tei song), a 1998 song by Towa Tei from the album "Last Century Modern"
*"Butterfly" (Weezer song), a 1996 song by Weezer from the album "Pinkerton"
*"Butterflies" (1953 song), a 1953 song recorded by Patti Page
*"Butterflies" (Michael Jackson song), a 2002 song by Michael Jackson from the album "Invincible"


*Butterfly Recordings, one of two record labels set up by Youth
*Iron Butterfly, a United States psychedelic rock band
*"Madama Butterfly", an opera by Giacomo Puccini
*Butterfly (game), a two-player abstract strategy game from Mozambique

Film and television

* "The Butterfly" (1914 film) directed by Tom Ricketts and starring Charlotte Burton
* "Butterfly" (1982 film), directed by Matteo Ottaviano and starring Pia Zadora and Ed McMahon
* "Butterfly" (1999 film), directed by José Luis Cuerda and starring Fernando Fernán Gómez
* "Nabi" (film), aka "The Butterfly", a 2001 South Korean film
* "The Butterfly" (2002 film), directed by Philippe Muyl starring Michel Serrault
* "Butterfly" (2003 film), directed by Tanuj Chopra
* "Butterfly" (2004 film) (蝴蝶), directed by Yan Yan Mak and starring Josie Ho and Tian Yuan
* "The Butterfly Effect", a movie released in 2004 starring Ashton Kutcher
* "Butterflies" (TV series), a UK series starring Wendy Craig and Geoffrey Palmer

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