Islamic cosmology

Islamic cosmology

Islamic cosmology is mainly derived from the Qur'an, Hadith,Sunnah ,current islamic as well as other pre-Islamic sources. In Islamic cosmology is covered in great detail. The Qur'an itself mentions seven heavens [Qur'an 2:29] and a vast universe sustained by Allah.

Types of Universe

There are two major categories of the Universe in Islam.

Judged Universe (Divine)

This is the Universe in which those species lives forever, which are judged by Allah according to the Law of Judgement. This is also know as the Perfect Universe

Test Universe

This is the Test Universe also known as imperfect Universe. According to Quran we are in this test Universe and are being judge according to the Laws of the Judgeable Species, which is covered in Quran.

Why Test Universe is Imperfect

This Test Universe is imperfect because Allah has implemented some limitations on it. These limitations are related to his attributes.

What About Attributes of Allah

According to quran and Sunnah there are 99 unique names of Allah given for this test universe so total combination goes to 99 raise to power 99 will result in 3.6972963764972677265718790562881e+197 possible ever to be known qualities for this test universe only.

What is the Lifecycle of Test Universe

According to Quran, Sunnah and Authentic hadith and authentic islamic documents this Test universe lifecycle is directly dependent on the lifecycle of the Judgeable Species. The Test universe is get destroyed by Allah according to the Laws of Judgement of Judgeable Species.

Why to Create Universe

Islam in the light of Quran and Sunnah gives very clear details for the creation of the Universe. Few of them are as follows

To Be Known

Before the creation of the Divine Universe, Allah was known only by himself, because there was nothing in existence except Allah. According to the Attributes of Allah, it was the part of his great plan to create creatures so that all his attributes get satisfied.

To Be Discovered

The main reason for the creation of Human being is that Allah wish to be discovered and according to the Quran it has given the knowledge and capabilities to discover Allah.

Who is Judgeable and Why

All the creation of Allah are distributed in two major pools i.e. judgeables and non-judgeable. This status was given on the basis of the scared packet that was made between these species and Allah far before the Creation of the Universe.

Judgeable Species

According to Quran, These are divided into three more types.

Already Judged Species

According to in depth study of Quran, Sunnah, Hadit and islamic literature, Angels falls in this category

Under Judgement Species

According to Quran, Jinn(s) and Human Being are included in this Category

Future Judgeable Species

In this Category falls the infinite number of future Species. AT the end of currently under judgment species (Human, Jins) lifecycle they will be moved to already judged species with an eternal life as reward or Hell as punishment, then Allah will create a new Test Universe and one species will move from future judgeable species category to under judgment category. According to the Laws of Quran and Sunnah of Allah, only one species is judged at one time, except a few exceptional cases, such as this judgment cycle in which two species are being judged because of the Laws of Failure of Leadership.

Islamic cosmology Islamic cosmology is the perfect solution, especially solving the issues created by current day Atheist, confused definition of science related to species

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