Chris Gelbmann

Chris Gelbmann

Chris Gelbmann (born 27 April 1972) is an Austrian singer-songwriter who had an eventful life. Inspired by Bob Dylan, Jim Croce, JJ Cale, Nick Drake, Cat Stevens and many more, he started as singer-songwriter at the age of 13 and since his youth he was known for his charismatic voice, a distinctive timbre and a very own style. In the last years he worked behind the scenes of the music industry, where he realised numerous major projects like André Heller's 3 CD compendium "Ruf und Echo" , the two triple platinum CDs of Christina Stürmer, the major label debut of Hans Platzgumer; he worked with Brian Eno, Stefan Sagmeister, Xavier Naidoo and many more. „The Pink Beast Of Love“ is his debut album, which has been released on the 7th of October 2005 on Buntspecht/Hoanzl in Austria and which was internationally especially well acclaimed. It took its name from a statement by American cult and bestseller author Tom Robbins. Because Robbins’ novel “Still Life With Woodpecker“ provided a lot of inspiration for Gelbmann’s debut album, the writer became one of the first exemplaries of the CD and reacted promptly with a comment on the album.


Album: The Pink Beast of Love (7.10.05) Buntspecht

Single: Love Is Easy (1995) Bourbon Records

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