Gadgets and vehicles of Class of the Titans

Gadgets and vehicles of Class of the Titans

The characters of the Canadian animation series "Class of the Titans" use a variety of ancient, modern-day and futuristic technology in each episode, most of which are described below.


A part of the Antikythera Device, protected by the gods and used as bait to try to capture Chronos. When inserted into the Antikythera Device, it serves as a key to activate a powerful destruction process that can sink continents into the ocean. Used in episode 1.7: The Antikythera Device.


An acronym for "Cartographic Laser-enhanced Way" finder. Put together by Odie, it's a GPS of sorts. It gives the possibility to anyone using it to click on two points and be given the shortest route between them. CLEW is an allusion to the "clew of magic thread" used by Theseus to escape the labyrinth of the Minotaur. It broke when Herry and Neil fell on top of it. Used in episode 1.10: Mazed and Confused.

Electro-magnetic Paralyzing Beam

Used by the heroes to temporarily immobilize Talos. Used in episode 1.20: Many Happy Returns.


Short for Electro-muscular Disrupter. It looks like a gun and fires a large net with probes that attach onto the target. The probes send electric shocks to paralyse muscles upon impact. Wielded by Atlanta. Used in episode 1.4: Man's Worst Enemy.

Gas Masks

Filters fitted over the nose and mouth that prevented the heroes from being affected by the knock-out gas used in the security system's elevator. Used in episode 1.9: Sibling Rivalry.

Geiger Counter

The Geiger Counter A tracking-like device used to track the Seeper's signature and location. Used in episode 1.13: Little Box of Horrors.


Collapsible portable hangliders that are strapped to the back using a harness that buckles around the waist and can be controlled to a degree using handlebars. Used in episode 1.12: Prisoner Campe.

Gravitational Blade

A xiphos with a retractable blade. Jay's weapon of choice, when he's not using his retractable staff.


A pair of arm-guards. The right greave was originally used by Zeus to change ants into humans to repopulate an island where the people all died of plague. Cronus obtains the left greave and uses it to transform an entire army regiment into ants and control them. After Zeus finds the right greave, he gives it to Hermes, who poses as a medical officer to change the bewildered soldiers back into humans.

Hecate's Torches

A pair of torches once used by Hecate when she guided souls to the underworld. Persephone gives them to Theresa to help her maximize her sixth sense until they are stolen by Hecate. Apparently, the user does not need to be magically inclined given that Neil was able to use them to a limited extent, though it should be noted that Neil felt them empowering him as soon as he touched them, and Atalanta, having has some training in magic, was astounded at how casually he used their power, suggesting that Neil might have unexpected innate magical potential.

Hephaestus Whip

A retractable whip made from the thinnest metal ever forged. At the end of the cord is a small three-pronged grappling hook. It's supposed to be able to cut through anything, but this trait seems to be selective, as there have been times where the cord was grabbed without it slicing through. The handle the whip retracts into seems to have buttons that can activate additional features, such as sending an electrical current through the whip (episode 1.2: Chaos 102). Archie's signature weapon, which he received from Ares after his first training session.

Hermes' Caduceus

The herald's staff of Hermes. Whoever wields it can control any animal, both ordinary and mythological, except Cronus' giants, as long as the staff isn't broken. It is the only thing that can control the griffins. The caduceus also has a switch that can turn its powers off and on, and it appears to be heavier than it looks. Used in episodes 1.1 to 1.2: Chaos 101 & 102, and episode 1.6: Trojan Horse.

Hermes' Portal

While not a gadget or vehicle per se, the secret portal in Hermes' room, concealed behind a wall emblazoned with the caduceus and compass rose, can transport anyone to any location instantly. Used in episode 1.12: Prisoner Campe and episode 1.16: Get Kraken.

Herry's Truck

A pick-up truck that fits ten people. Herry received it from his grandmother, and Hephaestus later upgraded it so it would have better speed and power. It has become the team's official transportation.

Hover Jet

A futuristic two-person jet plane, designed by Hephaestus based on a virtual reality game he and Odie enjoy playing. It has a navigation system modeled after a virtual reality video game, though it practically flies itself. It appears that vomit bags are included by the seats, as Archie used one. Explosives optional. Used in episode 1.16: Get Kraken and 1.20: Many Happy Returns.A roomier version of the jet was also used in episde 2.2:Greas Anatomy.

Jaw-Trap Bolas

A bolas is a throwing weapon composed of three metal balls acting as weight connected by a metal chord. Each of the balls can open-up to catch onto things, but they're usually wrapped around a target. Atlanta's usual weapon of choice until she switches to using a wrist laser crossbow.

Laser Cage

A hexagonal cage that was made to hold Cerberus but he "broke" out by using the old tunnel escape trick. Used in episode 1.4: Man's Worst Enemy.


Put together by Odie, these minuscule green-light emitting robots can eat through any sort of chemical or biological nightmare. Used in episode 1.13: Little Box of Horrors.

Night-Vision Goggles

Goggles with green lenses used to see in the dark. First used in episode 1.17: Eye for an Eye.

Olympian Rope

Toughest rope around, infinitely compressible and supposed to be unbreakable. It's very useful against winged predators. So far it has only been used by Herry. Used in episode 1.4: Man's Worst Enemy and episode 1.11: Field of Nightmares.

Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box is a golden pentagonal box that once contained all the evils of the world stored in Ares' weapons vault, originally given to Pandora, who was forbidden to open it. Archie, like Pandora, opens it out of curiosity and releases the only two things that Pandora managed to stop from escaping: Hope and the Seeper. According to Hope, the box is actually much more spacious inside than it appears. Seen in episode 1.13: Little Box of Horrors.

Pendant Key

Each of the teenage heroes found one of these prior to being recruited and sent to New Olympia. They are gold and worn around a chain, and each one is monogrammed with the individual's first initial. They identify the teenagers as heroes, and are used as keys to open the school janitor's door to the secret hide-out of the gods, as well as access the weapons storage and the security system-controlled elevator.

Photonic Shield

Made by Hephaestus and wielded by Jay. Appearing as an arm guard, it activates to create a shield of light energy that can deflect fire and energy blasts from Cronus. Using the shield caused a change in Jay's typical balance, thus resulting in him missing his target whenever he tried to throw his sword. Used in episode 1.25: The Last Word.


Short fo "Portable Mobile Radio". Acts as a walkie talkie, camcorder, camera, GPS, and tazer. It probably has other abilities as well that have yet to be shown. Each of the heroes is equipped with one all the time and serves as their main means of communication with each other.

Promethian Fire Glowsticks

Serve as lights down in the tunnels, giving off a green glow. However, the compound used inside the glowsticks are highly unstable and can explode if the container is cracked. Used in episode 1.10: Mazed and Confused, episode 1.22: They Might be G.I. Ants, and episode 2.23: Deep End. The name is a reference to how Prometheus stole fire from the gods in a hollow reed.

Reflecter Lens Goggles

Served as protection against the Gorgons if they try to turn the Heroes to stone with their gaze. Used in episode 1.9: Sibling Rivalry. Also worn by Jay to protect his eyes while he and Herry tried to loosen Talos' ankle bolt (episode 1.20: Many Happy Returns).

Research Vessel

A small submersible equipped for underwater research the heroes borrow to travel to Atlantis. It has a chamber which can flood with water in order to go scuba-diving. Since it is a research vessel, it is not equipped with any weapons (to Archie's dismay). Used in episode 1.7: The Antikythera Device.

tun Baton

A type of stun baton, wielded by Neil. Sends electric shocks into targets upon impact. Used in episode 1.4: Man's Worst Enemy.

onic Receiver

A large device constructed by Echo, which receives sound waves. It can home in on any frequency and amplitude, but cannot transmit sound. It looks a lot like a golden grammophone with many receiving horns attached to a control panel.

ubsonic Filters

Better known as ear plugs. Made by Odie to block out the hypnotising frequency in DJ Panic's music. If someone was already affected, put them on and snap your fingers. Used in episode 1.5: The Nature of Things.

Throwing Star

A three-armed bladed weapon thrown at opponent; its blades can be folded up for convenience. Because of its design, it tends to return to the thrower somewhat like a boomerang. Wielded by Archie. First used in 1.15. The Odie-sey.


A blowdart-like tracking device disguised as a pen. The tracker itself becomes embedded in the target and flashes bright red and it can be followed on the PMR. Used in episodes 1.13: Little Box of Horrors and 1.21: Labour Day.

Tracking Collar

Odie made it to track Pepé, Granny's pet dog. Episode 1.4: Man's Worst Enemy.

Trap Cage

Designed by Odie to capture Cronus. When set-up, it is technically invisible, and once someone has touched the bait in the centre, the walls of the trap flip up to trap the individual in a crystalline tetrahedron. Even Herry can't break his way out once caught. Used in episode 1.7: The Antikythera Device.

Trapping Net

A net that, when compressed, looks somewhat like a volleyball. The team used it to trap the Seeper, though unsuccessfully. Used in episode 1.13: Little Box of Horrors.

Wrist Laser Crossbow

A miniature crossbow-like weapon worn like a bracelet that shoots small purple lasers in bursts. Atlanta has replaced her steel bolas with one of them as her primary weapon. First used in episode 1.16: Get Kraken.

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