Light Rail Transit Association

Light Rail Transit Association

The Light Rail Transit Association (LRTA) is an association whose purpose is to advocate and encourage research into the retention and development of light rail and tramway/streetcar systems. The LRTA publishes the monthly magazine "Tramways and Urban Transit" (formerly "Modern Tramway"), and is based in the United Kingdom but with an international membership and remit.


The LRTA was formed in 1937. Until 1979 it was known as the Light Railway Transport League (LRTL). It was formed at a time when Britain's urban tramways were starting to decline. Throughout the 1950s the tram systems of the UK continued to decline. The London tram network closed in 1952. Following the closure of the Glasgow Corporation Tramways in 1962 the sole survivor was the Blackpool tramway.

Despite such closures, the LRTL/LRTA continued to campaign for modern light rail in the UK, as typified by some "Stadtbahn" systems in Germany. The opening of the Tyne and Wear Metro in 1980, followed by the Manchester Metrolink in 1991 and other new tram systems in Sheffield, Birmingham, Croydon and Nottingham, are very much in line with the aims of the Association.

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*Scottish Tramway and Transport Society
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