Stomach fundus

Stomach fundus

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Latin = fundus gastricus
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Caption = Outline of stomach, showing its anatomical landmarks.

Caption2 = Diagram from [] :
* 1. Body of stomach
* 2. Fundus
* 3. Anterior wall
* 4. Greater curvature
* 5. Lesser curvature
* 6. Cardia
* 9. Pyloric sphincter
* 10. Pyloric antrum
* 11. Pyloric canal
* 12. Angular notch
* 13. Gastric canal
* 14. Rugal folds

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MeshNumber = A03.556.875.875.419
DorlandsPre = f_17
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The fundus of the stomach is the left portion of the stomach's body, and is marked off from the remainder of the body by a plane passing horizontally through the cardiac orifice.

As the rounded part of the upper stomach, it allows for an accumulation of gases produced by chemical digestion.

It will also store undigested food for up to 1 hour.

ee also

* Fundic glands
* Fundic gland polyposis


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