If Only It Were True

If Only It Were True

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author = Marc Levy
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release_date = 1999
english_release_date = 2000
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"If Only It Were True" (original title: "Et si c'était vrai...") is French author Marc Levy's first novel, released in 1999. It was translated into English in 2000, and was adapted into the American film "Just Like Heaven" in 2005, a Bollywood movie named I See You, is also an adaption of this book.


If only it were true is a story which is set up in the backdrop of San Francisco. This book starts with the following opening sentences, "What I have to tell you is not easy to understand, impossible to accept. But if you will listen to my story - if you are willing to trust me -- then may be in the end you'll believe me. And it's very important that you, in particular, should believe me. For, without knowing it, you are the only person in the world I can share my secret with."

If only it were true tells the story of Lauren Kline, a young, pretty, medicine resident, and Arthur, the man who rented her old apartment. The story revolves around these two central characters.

Plot summary

Lauren Kline is pretty, young, medicine resident, who is completely devoted to her work in the Emergency Room of San Francisco Memorial Hospital. She works round the clock dealing with patients. Until she met with an accident. Lauren went into a coma who appears (like a ghost) to Arthur, the man renting her old apartment. Only he can see or hear her. After some initial disbelief on his part, they fall in love.

It is also about the importance of the human soul. In a certain point of his life, Arthur thought his soul was lost. In the minute that he is able to feel love again, he also finds the power to face his past (which isn't pretty).

In 2005 the sequel to "If Only It Were True " was published, entitled "Vous Revoir". No official English translation has been established yet.

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