Eric Carr (boxer)

Eric Carr (boxer)

Eric Carr (born January 26, 1975), is an American professional Heavyweight boxer.

Carr’s amateur boxing career began at the impressionable age of 14. His amateur career produced a remarkable record of 56 wins with 6 losses. His powerful right punch grabbed the 1993 Golden Gloves championship, as a Light Heavyweight at the Chapa's Arena in Houston, Texas against David Costa. Carr is a stylish right hand boxer that punches with power. Carr has sparred with boxing champions, including seven time world Middleweight Champion Tommy "Hit Man" Hearns, [ [ News @ East Side Boxing] ] the former WBC Continental Middleweight Champion Kid Fire Parks, [ [ Kid Fire fight @] ] and 1984 Olympics medal winner Frank Tate, [ [ Frank Tate @ WBA] ] the former world Middleweight Champion.

Carr credits training camp experiences with trainer Johnny Powell for his finely tuned boxing skills. Powell served as co-trainer with Eddie Futch, known for his work with Michael Spinks and Leon Spinks. Carr also trained with former Golden Gloves and world Light Heavyweight champion Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, [ [ Eddie Mustafa Muhammad @ NJ Boxing Hall of] ] and David Parks, the architect of Lamar “Kid Fire” Parks. Carr has won bouts in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Houston. He has fought on a card produced by Fight to the Finish Productions.


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